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News 20.05.20

Virtual Fun Chicken Show Winners and Runner Ups Announced...

It was a hard task but our judges have now decided upon the winners and runners up of the Online Fun Chicken Show...

We'd like to say a big thank you to everyone that entered our 'Online Virtual Fun Chicken Show.' It was lots of fun for us to see your prettiest hens and their stunning plumage as well as your ever such good looking cockerels. We also loved the photos and videos of your comedi-hens and seeing the chickens failure to obey the social distancing rules.

By taking part you have helped us to raise over £150 for the animals at Raystede. Times are extremely difficult at the moment and we really are so grateful for every single entry, which will help us to continue our work and keep Raystede running.

We would like to say a massive thank you to our judges who had the impossible task of narrowing down the entries to select one winner and two runner-ups for each category.

I'm sure you're all eager to find out who the winners are and to see the winning photos and videos, so here they are:


Our 'Best In Show' category was judged by one of our much loved trustees, Ian Kerr., who is a proud owner of chickens. He said it was a very tough decision, but here are his winning selections:


Mary Baldwin (Ian Kerr said, "I have never seen such a wonderful and pompous bird!"

Runner Ups

Anne Hobden (Ian Kerr said ' The cockerel knows what he is there for and he is eyeing up a conquest."")

Jessica Leal with her hen Henmione (Ian Kerr said that Henmione had piercing eyes.)


Our Prettiest Hen category was judged by our trustee Sue Walton who was brought up on a Sussex farm and is also an owner of chickens herself. Sue said that judging the competition had been, "Truly Hard.' She wanted to give a special mention to Beth Marcantonio’s girl as the chattiest chook and looking adorable, but here are her winners:


Claire Chapman with Scarlet the Vorwerk (Sue described Scarlet as, "A truly regal beauty."

Runner Ups

Sue Gardiner (Sue our judge picked this hen as she said she was, "Bright-eyed with a beautiful comb and looking unforgettable among the forget-me-nots!"

Jessica Cave (Sue described Jessica's hen as having, "The most amazingly fluffy ’trousers' and dramatically iridescent blue/green feathers."


This category was judged by Eleanor Stourton who works in the fundraising team here at Raystede and is probably the biggest chicken enthusiast that you will ever meet. Eleanor said it was extremely difficult to pick the winners as she thought all cockerels were extremely handsome. Eleanor wanted to give a special mention to Shanette Chapman and said Shanette's cockerel, "Looks like a very stern aristocrat from an 18th century painting!"

However, here's Eleanor's winning selection:


Victoria Logan (Eleanor said, "Loved this martial looking chap with his plume head dress. What a smart combination of colours. Gorgeous."

Runner Ups

Anne Hobden (Eleanor said that this cockerel has, "A classic look with splendid iridescent tail feathers."

Michelle Redshaw with Nigel (Eleanor described Nigel as, "An absolutely beautiful colour. Love the way the sunshine is highlighting his feathers."


This category was judged by our fabulous CEO Stephanie Smith. Stephanie found it very hard to pick the winners as we received a lot of photos and videos of chickens breaking the social distancing rules. However, here they are:


Colin Garbo with Cinnamon

Runner Ups

Jessica Cave

Sue Gardiner


As Eleanor Stourton is such a chicken expert, we also asked her to judge this category. Stories of Eleanor's chickens frequently make us laugh, so we thought she would be very well versed to judge the Best Comedi-hen. Eleanor would like to give a special mention to Sue Gardiner for the most effort made, but here's her winner and runner ups:


Beth Marcantonio with her hen Queenie. Eleanor said, "Clearly a great character that brings a lot of smiles to her family (and the odd raised eyebrow)"

Beth Marcatonio Comedihen (Just click on the link to watch the video.)

Runner Ups

Colin Garbo with Nutmeg. Eleanor said, "No sense of personal space. At all."

Mary Baldwin. Eleanor said, "Nothing better than a running chicken to make you smile."

Mary Baldwin Comedihen (Click here to view video.)


The judge of this category was our very own Head Of Fundraising at Raystede- Katrina Hodges. Katrina said it was a tough decision to make but below you can find her winner and runners up.


Jessica Cave

Runner Ups

Claire Chapman with her hen Rhubarb

Mary Baldwin

Congratulations to all the winners and runners-up. We will be posting out the rosettes and goody bags very soon. Thanks again to everyone that entered and took part and helped us raise money for the Raystede rescue animals.

If you would like to contact us at all, please message To see more of our upcoming events and ways you can support us, follow this link.

From the animals and team at Raystede we hope you take care of yourselves and stay safe and hopefully we will see you back at our centre when we reopen to the public. Thank You for all your support!

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