The UK Government have applied an Avian Influenza Protection Zone across the UK. This means that we must close our Aviaries to the public until the restrictions are lifted.
We do NOT have this virus at Raystede but we are required to put in place a range of measures to protect our birds. We are still open and welcome visitors to the rest of the site – please book your ticket.
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Building a Garden Aviary

One of our rehomers built a wonderful home for the budgies she adopted from us. Take a look!

Birds are beautiful creatures and our aviary birds are a big hit with visitors. However, we provide them with specialist care and everything they require. We do not rehome our larger parrots, but we do rehome our smaller birds like finches, cockatiels and budgies.

Exotic birds are complex creatures that need to live in groups with their own kind. They require large amounts of space to move freely and fly. We do not believe exotic birds should be kept as pets. They are highly intelligent, social animals that should be living in the wild in warmer climates. Unfortunately, numerous exotic birds have either ended up in cages due to being snatched from the wild or they have been bred into the pet trade.

We have a responsibility to give these birds the best possible life in captivity. It’s unlikely any of these birds would survive if they were released but they still need to carry out natural behaviours and it’s important that they live in suitable aviaries that allow them to do this.

One our rehomers was keen to adopt budgies from us and constructed a beautiful garden aviary so that her budgies could live in a suitable environment.

It's sturdy, spacious, has indoor and outdoor space. It can be heated and has plenty of areas to provide enrichment like toys, branches and paper bags filled with food. The aviary is also very secure and provides protection against predators. Rodents are unable to get into it and there is a safety porch which prevents birds from escaping when you enter.

If you are thinking of adopting small birds from us and need some advice about the type of housing they require, please do not hesitate to call us. We are more than happy to help.

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