Cat Neutering Day at Raystede 13th & 16th September - Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare
Raystede welcomes visitors to gain a unique glimpse into the work of an animal welfare charity.
Entry is free. To help control numbers onsite, visitors must please book a ticket – this is for the welfare of our animals and the safety and enjoyment of our visitors.
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Cat Neutering Day at Raystede 13th & 16th September

Our in-house vet will be available to neuter pet cats on these dates. You must book an appointment and conditions apply.

Please read before you book a ticket for your cat to be neutered:

Tickets are limited to one cat per household.

Cats must be at least 5 months of age.

We will be asking for a donation towards the cost of the surgery and medication as follows:

£20 for male cats ; £30 for female cats

Please note, you must be in receipt of one of the following benefits for your cat to qualify for this event:

  • Housing Benefit
  • Pension Credit
  • Job Seeker's Allowance
  • Universal Credit

Please bring proof of this with you to your appointment.

Book your cat neutering appointment:

Your cat must be healthy. Our veterinary team will contact you prior to the event to discuss his/her background. Full instructions will be given to prepare for the neutering appointment. If your cat is registered with a veterinary practice we will need to contact them to request their veterinary history prior to your neutering appointment. Please ensure you notify your veterinary practice to give consent for them to share your details with us.

You will be required to collect your cat between 2pm and 3pm on the same day. We will let you know the collection time when you drop your cat off in the morning.

Please ensure your cat is in a secure carrier upon arrival.

If you are unable to make your appointment, please call us on 01825 880468 or email so that we can offer the appointment to someone else.

You will not be able to visit the rest of the Raystede site during this event. If you would like to book tickets to visit the rest of the Raystede site please go to our website

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