2023 BM Ride

Join #TeamRaystede and help give hundreds of animals a better life

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Event Date

2 April 2023

The BM Ride is a unique cycle challenge and is part of the Brighton Marathon weekend. Cyclists are able to pass iconic Brighton landmarks on closed roads in this mass participation cycle ride. Participants will also enjoy views of the seafront and some challenging hills.

It will take place in the centre of Brighton, starting and finishing on Hove Lawns on Sunday 10th April. It will take place ahead of the BM10k and the Brighton Marathon. The BM Ride will offer cyclists of all abilities the opportunity to enjoy the streets of Brighton & Hove, traffic free, for a distance of 50 km.

Whether a keen cyclist, cycling with your family or looking for a new challenge, this event has something for everyone. Faster riders can start at the front whilst others follow on; this is not a race.

We need you more than ever to cycle for the Raystede rescue animals!

The registration fee is £20 and the fundraising target is £150.

After signing up you will receive a welcome pack and your very own Raystede challenge event top. We will give you support leading up to the event and will make lots of noise cheering you on during the day itself.

If you have already secured a spot in the 2022 BM Ride and have your OWN PLACE we would love you to cycle for the animals at our centre.

As you have your own space there is no fundraising target and we appreciate any money you can raise for us.

I have my own space and want to Ride for Raystede!

If you're not a cyclist but would like to support Team Raystede, then why not join our cheer squad? Perhaps you have friends or family in the race or would like to help motivate our cyclists who are raising vital funds for the animals. If you're up for joining the cheer squad, please email fundraising@raystede.org or phone us on 01825 840747.

If you would like more information on the cycle ride, please visit the organiser's FAQ page or email fundraising@raystede.org to learn more about taking part in this challenge for Raystede.