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2021 Spring Virtual Fun Dog Show Winners

Start Date

26 February 2021

End Date

30 April 2021

We're so grateful to everyone that entered our Spring Virtual Fun Dog Show and for your patience in waiting for the results. We were absolutely astounded by the number of entries received and didn't envy our judges for the almost impossible task of selecting the winners and runners up.

All your dogs are beautiful and it was lovely to hear about them too. They are all winners in our eyes. By taking part in our Online Dog Show you have helped us to raise an incredible £1,400 for the rescue animals at Raystede. We really are grateful for every single entry into the competition. By getting involved you are helping us to give animals their best possible lives.

I'm sure you're all desperate to find out the results, so here they are:


This category was judged by famous crime author Lee Child and his wife Jane Grant. Lee said, "Well, that was hard, because there were dozens of potential winners, and it was very difficult to separate them but here is what Jane and I think..."

WINNER- Dexter (Diane Kaczmar)

Lee and Jane said, "Obviously a much loved and beautifully cared-for member of the family - and deservedly so: wonderful coat, personality, and spark in his eyes."


Lola (Pam Dainty) Lee and Jane remarked, "Intelligent, super friendly looking, beautiful - simply a lovely dog."

Lottie (Susan Swain) Lee and Jane said, "A great photo of a really unusual-looking and beautifully presented friend."

Rusty (Anna Johnstone) Lee and Jane called Rusty, "The cutest scrap ever - a wonderful picture of an adorable pet."


This category was judged by the lovely Hannah from Harringtons Dog Food. Hannah said judging the competition was, "Actually quite hard as there were so many gorgeous puppy eyes."

Here's Hannah's choices:

WINNER- Kiara (Fiona Attwater)

Hannah said, "Kiara has the most beautiful, big, brown eyes. For me this was the clear winner as I am a huge sucker for puppy eyes and my dog makes the same exact face whenever she either wants some treats, or if she has done something naughty!"


Lottie (Susan Swain) Hannah remarked, "Exceptionally striking eyes, the uniqueness and beauty of Lottie's eyes is very much something to be celebrated."

Riley (Mark Scannell) Hannah said, "Those are some very playful eyes and I would imagine very hard to say no to!"

Doris (Amber Lilly) Hannah picked Doris because, "Being a dachshund mum I am always partial to those gorgeous big eyes paired with the very long nose! You can very much see a little smile behind those eyes, looking lovingly up at their owner."


This category was judged by celebrity vet and Pup Aid founder, Marc Abraham. Marc said judging the competition, "Wasn't easy!"

Here are Marc's choices:

WINNER- Mitty (Sara Hopgood)

Marc said, "Mitty just immediately made me smile too - clearly a huge personality and looks very cheeky!"


Trueno (Ellie Phillips) Marc remarked, "Considering Trueno's likely racing background, it's always nice to see a rescued greyhound happy and smiley!"

Leo (Emma Southerby) Mark commented that, "Golden retrievers are a breed that always have such smiley faces - and Leo is a perfect example of that!"

Taz (Alice Moore) Marc says, "How happy is Taz in this pic - obviously enjoying a fun day out!"


This category was judged by by the wonderful Kelly who runs the Hanover Dogs (Brighton and Hove) group on Facebook. Kelly said, "Wow! That was hard!"

Here are Kelly's choices:

WINNER- Gordon (Lisa Camps)

Kelly said, "My winner is Gordon, need I say more? His magnificent ears make him THE most fabulous Fella!"


Trueno (Ellie Phillips) Kelly remarked, "Trueno looks like he’s been working out during lockdown and looks fabulous."

Lennon (Louise Wilkes) Kelly said,"Lennon deserves to be a runner-up because with that fabulous smile he can make anyone happy!

Harry (Amanda Wise) Kelly said, "With his smouldering blue steel looks and silky smooth fur, it makes him my runner up for fabulous fella!"


This category was judged by Barry, Petra and Bella Coase. Beautiful Bella won the 2019 Crufts Pets As Therapy dog of the year. They said, "What a difficult task-we hope the other dogs are successful in other catagories!!"

Here are Barry, Petra, and Bella's choices:

WINNER- Pickle (Desmond Burton)

Barry and Petra said, "We see her as a beautiful, gentle little bear with eyes that demonstrate so much love and devotion for her owner."


Rose (Michelle Sargent) Barry and Petra remarked, "She has a wonderful expression of mischief and fun!!! Pretty little girl!!"

Kiara (Fiona Attwater) Barry and Petra picked Kiara as, "Looking into her beautiful eyes makes one understand she has a story to tell; one that we would love to hear."

Inka (Amy Graves) Barry and Petra said that Inka, "Presents as a proud, strong, calm and relaxed dog, the perfect companion."


This category was judged by the fabulous Michael from Hills Pet Nutrition. Michael said, "What absolutely adorable photos - really really lovely - which doesn't make it easy to judge! I'd like to say that there is nothing more heart-warming than seeing dogs, cats and their owners, all enjoying each other's company in close confinement. Everyone deserves a mention but we had to pick one winner and three runners up so......"

Here are Michael's choices:

WINNER- Lola (Pam Dainty)

Michael said, "Literally couldn't get any closer than this full on "Love Me" hug. Luckily this is now acceptable behaviour so Boris will be pleased."


Laszlo (Amy Wheeler) Michael said, "I love this photo, I think it's those long legs and body slowly uncurling in a carefully planned bid to steal the seat of the previous hard working occupant - whilst lacking social distancing at this stage, this strategy will likely prove effective and the seat will soon be all Laszlo's (with a return to social distancing.)"

Nala (Mark Stewart) Michael picked this photo because, " I was particularly impressed with this photo as, whilst it brilliantly illustrates a complete lack of social distancing, it also demonstrates Nala's ability to put her human to work!! Well done Nala!"

Inka and Ralph (Amy Graves) Michael remarked, "It's great to see one dog putting their trusted companion to good use as a soft warm bed - with the inevitable consequence being that they really couldn't be any closer together. Gorgeous!"


This category was judged by the amazing Amy from The Pets At Home Foundation who invest and support rescue centres across the country. Amy said, "Hands down that was the hardest thing I have ever had to do and I have given birth twice! All of the entries were so beautiful and I wanted them all as winners….

Here are Amy's choices:

WINNER- Mitty (Sara Hopgood)

Amy said, "She looks so beautiful, snuggly and cheeky all in one."


Ralph (Mel Bucknell) Amy said, "Handsome, energetic full of spirit and so so handsome."

Podge (Clare Fox) Amy commented, "AWWWWW! Those eyes look like butter wouldn’t melt and so cute."

Doris (Elaine Foster Page) Amy said, "What a majestic lady and I look at this photo and wonder what she is dreaming about."

We would like to thank all our judges for their time- we fully appreciate what a hard task it was to narrow down the entries and select winners.

The winners and runners up of our Spring Online Fun Dog Show will receive their goody bags and special Raystede rosettes within the next few weeks. Congratulations to the 'Best In Show' winner who will also receive a signed copy of 'The Reacher Guy' which is Heather Martin's recently published biography of Lee Child.

We would also like to say a big thank you to Our Love Design who have supplied stickers for the goody bags and Uckfield Pet's Corner who have donated dog treats for them.

Lastly, thanks again to everyone who took part and helped us raise vital funds so that we can give the Raystede rescue animals their best possible lives.

We hope you and your dogs take care of yourselves and to see you at our centre again soon.