Virtual Walking Challenge

Walk iconic trails from home to Raise for Raystede!

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Event Date

30 May 2022


Smash your fitness goals whilst raising money for the animals at Raystede and completing iconic trails from around the world (virtually of course).

Each challenge can be completed in the time-frame that suits you, either individually or with friends and family. Connect your favourite fitness apps or manually log your running, walking, cycling etc, distances.

Why not take on The Mount Everest Virtual Challenge? This challenge takes you through an incredible 40mi (64km) journey to the summit of the highest peak in the world. Each time you complete a distance-based exercise such as running, walking, cycling, swimming, etc, you advance along the map of Mount Everest.

Let us know what you've signed up to by completing this form. After setting up your JustGiving Page up you will receive:

  • A Raystede welcome pack
  • A Raystede sporty T-shirt
  • Support leading up to your challenge
  • Be considered for our 2021 Fundraiser of the Year awards
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Other virtual challenges include completing the English Channel, which is 21 miles. The Inca Trail, which is 26 miles, Hadrian's Wall, which is 90 miles, or The Grand Canyon, which is 280 miles. There are many more options that you can choose from by heading to Conqueror Events. You can set your own time limit for completing the challenge and we are very grateful for any sponsorship you raise. Every £162 you raise could help heat Raystede for a day in winter to make sure that all the animals are kept warm?

Walk the English Channel Travel the Length of the UK Try the Marathon to Athens Take on Mount Kilimanjaro

For more virtual challenge ideas you could visit or you could create your own. Whatever challenge you decide to do, we will support you. If you create your own challenge, we will be sure to send you your very own Raystede sporty top and medal to congratulate you.

If you have any questions, would like more information on any of the above challenges, or you'd like to chat to us about your virtual fundraising idea, you can email or phone us on 01825 840747.

Whatever you decide to do you, you will be helping us take care of animals like Elsa below.

Elsa's story...

We met Elsa when she was just 15 months old. Born in a shed and kept outside her whole life, with no chance to socialise with other dogs, she was scared; constantly on edge, nervous about every aspect of life. She totally lacked confidence and was constantly worried about where she was.

Elsa needed time and a lot of patience from us. Slowly, Elsa began to improve and enjoy her food more. We supported her as she chose to begin exploring the world outside her kennel. Gradually she stopped being the terrified dog we had first met and started to become the active, friendly young dog she should be.

Elsa shows that, with the right care and support, we can completely change a dog’s life. Without supporters like you raising vital sponsorship for us and keeping our centre running, helping animals like Elsa would not be possible!