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Learning @ Home

Welcome to our new page, full of fun films and interactive learning to help you to give animals a better life.

Interactive lessons:

With 50% of UK adults owning a pet, we at Raystede believe that teaching young people to care for animals is a vital life skill. We have created free, interactive lessons for you to enjoy at home - please click on the relevant link to access:

Primary aged children:

Feeling creative after this lesson? Why not have a go at creating your own animal journey: Create Your Own Animal Journey Student Challenge

Secondary aged students:

Fancy testing yourself to see what you have learnt? Download and complete our student assessment sheet (Responsible Pet Ownership Student Worksheet) and then check your work against the answer sheet (Responsible Pet Ownership Answer Sheet)

Virtual learning:

Why not take a virtual tour of the Raystede aviaries from the comfort of your own home; which exotic birds will you meet today?

Ever wondered what your dog is thinking? Click here for fun interactive family learning on how to stay safe around dogs:

Thinking about getting a dog? Play our interactive game to find out how dog-ready you are; play against members of your family to find out who makes the best choices!

Watch at home:

Why rescue dogs are the best

Its official! Rescue dogs are the best dogs. Watch here to find out why…

Update from the Rehoming team

Although adoptions are currently on hold, we are still here to help give animals a better life. Find out how our Rehoming team have been doing by watching this video…

The importance of neutering

Although vets are only open for emergencies at this time, our Education team would like to explain the benefits of neutering. They have recruited some extra special help and you can find out who by watching this video...

Update from the front line

Wondering what's been happening at Raystede? Here's an update from our frontline Animal Care team, they have been working ever single day to make sure all the animals at Raystede are safe and happy. You may even spot some of your favourite Raystede residents...

Feeding during lockdown

It may be tempting to continuously feed your pets treats whilst at home, it's a very easy habit to fall into. Our Education team would like to share some tips and advice on how to resist the cute pleading looks your pets may be giving you for extra food.

Learning about our feathered friends

Missing the playful sounds and beauty of the Raystede parrots? Watch this short video to learn more about our feathered friends. You may even see some familiar faces (or beaks)!

Dog puzzle feeder

Dogs love to use their sense of smell to dig out goodies. Here's what you can do to give your dog a bit of fun at home. As you can see, Molly definitely enjoyed this one!

Caring for exotic birds at Raystede

Our exotic birds here at Raystede are extremely intelligent. Their enrichment often involves a little bit of thinking as we try to mentally stimulate them before they find a treat.

Watch this video to see George and Sidney receiving their new toy!

How to make a rabbit puzzle feeder

Mealtime can sometimes turn into a bit of a routine, so why not make it a bit more fun for your cat with a home-made puzzle feeder! Our Education team can show you how to make your own in this short film...

How to make a cat puzzle feeder

Spending lots of time at home means you can have some fun as well as allowing your pets to explore their natural behaviour. Rabbits are very curious animals which means they love to explore all the nooks and crannies, especially when they can smell treats!

Here's what Snowfie and Oliver think of their new puzzle feeder...

How to make a cat dangly toy

Harry and Coco have been exceptionally busy at the moment so they couldn't help our Education team today, but they insisted we found someone else. Luckily another Raystede resident volunteered to give their extra helping hand! Find out who by watching this video...

How to make a rabbit washing line

Our Education team have been working very hard thinking of creative ideas that will keep you and your pets busy while staying at home. Why not pop into the garden and make your own washing line? We're sure some extra treats won't go to waste!

Home made enrichment activities!

Our Education team have been making the most of the extra time with their pets by trying out home-made enrichment ideas. Have a look at our results then why not have a go yourselves and share yours with us on social media? We'd love to see how you get on!

How to make a bird feeder at home

Recycling piling up at home? Why not put it to good use and make some fun bird feeders for the garden? Learn exactly how by watching this film.

If you fancy showing us your creation, share your results with us on social media. We would love to see what everyone has come up with!

Play hide and seek with your dog at home!

Did you know dogs use their sense of smell like a compass? They are very good at sniffing things out, especially treats! Hiding some goodies and letting your pet find them is a great way to keep them mentally stimulated whilst at home. Here’s what Molly thinks of her first ever game of hide and seek...

How to make a paper bag toy

Extra time at home means you can make the most of being with your pets. Enrichment is the perfect way to keep you both entertained.

Do you have spare paper bag? Why not turn it into a fun toy for your cat…

Behind the scenes of our Equine barn

Have you ever wondered what's behind the scenes of our Equine barn? Come and join us in this video for a virtual tour where you'll get to meet some of our equine residents...

Fostering update

We are receiving multiple offers of foster care during the Covid-19 pandemic. We are extremely grateful for everybody that is thinking of us throughout these difficult times. However, we are unable to process applications for new carers wishing to foster short term.

All the Foster Information Mornings we had scheduled have now been postponed until we reopen.

Our Education team have put together a video to further explain this situation...

How to make a rabbit roll

Rabbits in the wild spend most of their time looking for food and foraging. Here's what you can do at home to make your rabbit's day more fun!

How to make a cat ball

One of the bonuses of staying at home is that you can spend lots of time bonding with your pet and having some fun with them too! Our Education team have put together some videos on how to make various toys and different types of enrichment at home. Here's how to make a cat treat ball...

Meet the animals!

Strange times call for strange measures! Now that our education team are working from home, they have had to recruit some extra help to make their enrichment videos. Fortunately, these pets who have been adopted from Raystede are keen to get involved, especially if it means testing out food related enrichment! Here’s who you’ll be seeing in the following weeks…

What is Animal enrichment?

Ever wondered what animal 'enrichment' really means? Our Education team have made you a video to answer exactly that...

Get to know the goats at Raystede!

Ever wanted to know a little bit more about our goats? They are often the star attraction here at Raystede. DJ insisted we feature him in one of our Education videos so that all his adoring fans can still see him whilst we are closed. So here he is...

Donkey Enrichment at Raystede

Being closed to visitors is not stopping our Education team from giving out some top tips on how to care for your pets. We will be delivering a series of videos for you to enjoy at home. Here’s a little insight into what we are doing for our donkeys to keep them entertained.

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