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Feeling crafty? Have some family fun making treats and and toys for your furry friends to enjoy!

Scroll down for ideas...

Pet puzzle feeders

Make dinner time more fun for your pet with one of our home-made puzzle feeders. Click on our 'how to' guides below and watch the films to help you:

Dog puzzle feeder

Cat puzzle feeder

Rabbit puzzle feeder

Pet treats

Make some delicious, healthy home-made treats for your furry friends. Click on our guides below to find out how:

Make a dog healthy treat

Make a cat healthy treat

Make a rabbit healthy treat

How to make a cat dangly toy

Encourage your cats to keep fit and practise their hunting skills with a home-made dangly toy.

How to make a rabbit washing line

Encourage your rabbits to do their stretching whilst eating their favourite greens!

How to make a paper bag toy

Do you have a spare paper bag? Why not turn it into a fun toy for your cat…

How to make a rabbit roll

Rabbits in the wild spend most of their time looking for food and foraging. Here's what you can do at home to make your rabbit's day more fun!

How to make a cat ball

Spare piece of tissue paper and some treats? Here's how to make a cat treat ball...

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