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Grab the popcorn, sit back and enjoy some films starring our furry and feathered friends

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Rescue dogs are the best

Its official! Rescue dogs are the best dogs. Watch these films to find out why…

Rescue cats are the best

Find out all the benefits that rescue cats can bring...

Rescue rabbits are the best

Find out some fun facts about caring for rabbits...

The importance of neutering

Our Education have recruited some special helpers to explain the benefits of neutering.

Feeding during lockdown

Top tips and advice for pet owners:

Learning about our feathered friends

Watch these short films to learn more about our feathered friends and how we care for them. You may even see some familiar faces (or beaks!) from your Raystede visits.

Doggy hide and seek

Watch Molly the dog playing her first ever game of hide and seek; will she find the treats?

Behind the scenes of our equine barn

Come and join us in this video for a virtual tour where you'll get to meet some of our equine residents...

What is animal enrichment?

Find out how you can enrich your pet's life and the benefits this can bring.

Get to know the goats at Raystede!

Let us introduce you to some of our favourite residents...

Donkey enrichment at Raystede

Here's a little insight into some of the ways we keep our donkeys entertained...

Behind the scenes of Raystede's rabbitry

Let Buttons the bunny take you on a tour of our rabbitry to find out how we care for him and his best friend.

Meet Lizzie and Dot the donkey

Join the tour with Lizzie and Dot of their shelter and field...

Behind the scenes of the cattery

Let Ozzie show you around the cattery and meet some of his neighbours.

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Donate now to help us rescue & save more animals' lives.