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Event 19.01.20 - 19.01.20

Animal Portrait Workshop

Join us for an exciting art workshop and help us raise money for the animals at our centre...

Will you join us at Raystede on Sunday 19th January for a special art workshop? The workshop will be from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and will be run by local artist, Rhys Ganderton. Rhys works in coloured pencils and draws realistic portraits of pets and animals. He is looking forward to running this workshop for Raystede as it will give him the chance to express his love of our furry friends and his love of drawing. He's previously taught drawing at Brighton college, and has been an illustrator and painter.

The session will last for three hours. In the first part of the workshop there will be a quick introduction explaining the aims of the session, materials and you will get to see Rhys' own work.

You will then work on various drawing techniques focusing on drawing fur and hair, eyes and ears. The “outlines” of the shapes will be provided by Rhys and you will concentrate on creating the forms with colour.

You will then go through how to achieve the initial sketch to work on. Rhys will provide prints of a dog and a cat for you to choose and you will use a tracing technique to get the outline. The rest of the session will be using coloured pencils to capture the different elements that you have already practiced within the portraits.

It would be great if you could bring coloured pencils with you and the rest of the materials will be provided.

TO BOOK ON FOLLOW THIS LINK and it's £15 per person.

By coming along on this workshop you will be joined by like-minded animal lovers, learn some new skills and will be helping us raise vital funds for the animals at our centre too.

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