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Event 20.09.20 - 20.09.20

2020 Brighton Marathon

The Brighton Marathon has been postponed to the 20th September

The Brighton Marathon has now been postponed to Sunday 20th September due to the current outbreak of coronavirus.

It is the second largest marathon in the UK! The route will take you along some of Brighton's most famous landmarks including the Brighton Pavilion. As you run along you can take in the sea air and coastal views. We will be there to cheer you on and as you make your way around the route you will encounter lots of support from a lively and energetic crowd!

We have a limited number of charity spaces in the Brighton Marathon and if you would like to run it for Raystede there's a £35 registration fee and a £375 fundraising target. Did you know that for every £150 you raise it could provide life-saving surgery to a cat at our centre. We rely entirely on voluntary donations to carry on running and without people like you taking on marathons for us we would not be able to continue our work!


After signing up we will send you a welcome pack and special Raystede t-shirt as well as support leading up to the event and on the day itself. You will also receive the opportunity for a behind the scenes tour so that you can see and meet some of the animals that you're helping.

If you have already secured a spot in the Brighton Marathon and have your OWN PLACE we would love for you to run for the animals at our centre still. As you have your own space there is no fundraising target and we just appreciate any money you manage to raise for us. After signing up we will send you a welcome pack and Raystede top, and will be there to cheer you on during the race. Join our team of runners by following this link.

We will also offer you a behind the scenes tour so that you can see the animals you're helping.

If you're not a runner but would like to support Team Raystede, then why not join our cheer squad and help by volunteering on the day? Perhaps you have friends or family running in the race or would like to help motivate our runners who are raising vital funds for the animals.

Whatever your reason, let us know that you're up for joining the cheer squad by emailing or by phoning us on 01825 840747. We will give you your very own Raystede T-shirt to wear and supply you with refreshments to keep you well fueled so you're able to make lots of noise for the runners.

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Donate now to help us rescue & save more animals' lives.