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Event 28.04.21 - 31.12.20

Raystede Does Bad Pet Drawings

Do you want a unique picture of your pet? Stuck for ideas for Christmas gifts? Why not order a Raystede Bad Pet Drawing?

With Christmas approaching we have re-opened Bad Pet Drawings. Our team of volunteer artists are ready to produce unique pictures of your pets. You could order a Bad Pet Drawing for yourself or as a gift for a much loved friend or family member. Our aim is to put smiles on people's faces from our drawings, and every single Bad Pet Drawing you order will help us to take care of the animals at our centre. We have staff and volunteers that are waiting to turn your pet into a work of art, so order your Bad Pet Drawing today by clicking this link.

We are again closed to the public from the 5th November due to the pandemic. Our animals will continue to be looked after by our fabulous animal care teams, but we really do need your help more than ever in helping us raise funds. By ordering a Bad Pet Drawing you are helping us to care for the animals that need us whilst we are closed.

Many people who have received their drawings have been so pleased they have then asked us to do more for friends and family.

For a £20 donation we will send you a unique, bespoke drawing of your favourite furry friend. Alternatively, surprise a friend or family member by ordering them one of our Bad Pet Drawings.

We have a range of artists on board so you may have an extremely talented artist capturing the character of your pet or you may have someone that produces more of a Picasso style pet portrait. The likelihood is that as our specialty is caring for animals, you will probably get an untalented artist producing your 'Bad Pet Drawing' but at the very least, we hope we can make you laugh!

To put our team of artists to work, you can sign up for a 'Bad Pet Drawing' by CLICKING HERE. Then all you need to do is send us a photo of your pet to

We aim to get your Bad Pet Drawing to you within two weeks of ordering one. If you would like one of our Bad Pet Drawings in time for Christmas, please make sure you get your order in by Monday 7th December.

So, turn your pet or someone else's beloved furry friend into a 'Bad Pet Drawing' today by following this link. We have our pencils at the ready..

We'd like to say a special thank you to all our volunteers that have taken up this challenge. If you fancy joining our team of volunteer artists, then send an email to for more details.

(Sally Higham- Raystede Volunteer)

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