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Degus are related to chinchillas and also originate from South America.

They are very active, acrobatic animals who love to play.

Degus are very social animals so they need to be kept in pairs or groups.

We offer a degu bonding service for people with lonely degus looking for a friend.

Housing & Enrichment for Degus

  • For a pair of degus, you will need a cage measuring at least 3ft x 3ft x 3ft, although the bigger the better.
  • The cage should have lots of tunnels and toys in, as well as a large wheel for the degus to exercise on.

The Best Diet for Degus

  • A good diet is vital for good degu health; they should be fed a high quality degu pellet.
  • Avoid feeding muesli-type foods as these are often high in sugar, it also encourages degus to pick at their food, leaving the most nutritious parts.
  • Degus need a good amount of fresh, high-quality hay every day.
  • You can give your degus a small amount of vegetables, such as broccoli, spring greens and parsley.
  • Degus should have constant access to fresh, clean water which should be changed daily.

Degu Health

  • Degus have a lifespan around 5-8 years and a good diet is linked to a long life.
  • Your degu's teeth should be yellow; this indicates a healthy degu who is receiving all the correct nutrients.
  • Diabetes and eye problems are a common problem in degus who eat too much sugar - Avoid feeding shop-bought treats.
  • All our male degus are neutered before they are rehomed. This prevents any related health problems and unwanted litters.

Care Guide Degus

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