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Gerbils are small, entertaining desert-dwelling animals.

They are very active animals, and can dig tunnels up to 8 metres long in the wild.

Gerbils are very social so must be kept in pairs or groups.

Gerbil Housing & Enrichment

  • Gerbils should be housed in a tank measuring at least 90cm x 30cm x 30cm or “gerbilarium”.
  • The tank should be 2/3 full of a mixture of shredded paper, hay and clean, dry soil.
  • There should be lots of tunnels and houses buried throughout the cage for them to explore.

The Best Diet for Gerbils

  • Gerbils need a small quantity of a seed-based mix every day.
  • They can also have the occasional piece of vegetable, such as carrot or broccoli.
  • Gerbils should have constant access to clean, fresh water which should be changed daily.

Gerbil Health

  • Gerbils can live up to 3-4 years with the correct care.
  • Be sure to check your gerbils daily to note any behavioural changes as this may indicate a health problem.
  • Your gerbils ears, eyes and mouth should be clean and dry.
  • Gerbils teeth constantly grow, so need to gnaw on wood and hay to keep the teeth in check.

Adoption and Care Guides Gerbils

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