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Horses & Ponies

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Horses & Ponies

At Raystede we offer sanctuary to a herd of retired horses, ponies and donkeys. Some of the herd are elderly and need specialist care. Others are younger and are able to be rehomed or go out on loan.

The herd mainly consists of older animals, however we also look after horses and ponies with various health issues such as blindness.

We aim to allow the horses and ponies to live as naturally as possible, having access to inside and out at all times.

You might see them playing in our sand school with the enrichment toys we have provided, or out grazing in the fields.


When caring for ponies Laminitis is a concern.

Laminitis is a condition that affects a pony's feet if he is eating too much rich grass and cannot cope with the sugar content the grass provides him with. It's a very common health issue for ponies.

Horses and ponies are intelligent creatures who like to work, enjoy social interaction and be mentally and physically stimulated. Our equine herd love to figure out puzzles to obtain a healthy treat!

Sue Gardner, from Applied Equine Behaviour, has been working with us to introduce our herd to Equine Agility (see picture above).

We have seen a real difference in their behaviour since the horses and ponies at Raystede started the agility. The herd seem very relaxed and often calmer around each other and with us.

Did you know ………

A horse's teeth take up more space in their head than their brain!

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