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We occasionally have Fancy Mice available for adoption at Raystede.

They are playful and active little animals, but can be a bit nippy so aren’t always suitable for young children.

Housing & Enrichment for Mice

  • We ask for a minimum cage size of 81cm x 52cm x 52cm or a 4ft wide tank.
  • Avoid using sawdust as bedding for mice because this can cause respiratory problems, instead use shredded paper.
  • The cage should have lots of toys and hiding places for the mice to explore.
  • As they are very active mice should have a good-sized wheel to run on.

The Best Diet for Mice

  • Mice should be fed a small quantity of a seed-based mix.
  • Avoid feeding too many peanuts as these are very fatty.
  • They can have the occasional piece of vegetable or fruit, such as apple or broccoli.

Mouse Health

  • Mice have a short lifespan of around 18 months to 2 years.
  • Most health problems in mice can be avoided with the correct diet and clean housing.
  • You will need to take your mouse to a vet if they show signs of being ill as they can go downhill very quickly.
  • As with all rodents, their teeth will need to be kept worn down by gnawing on sticks to prevent discomfort.

Care Guide Mice

Application To Adopt A Small Animal

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