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At Raystede we have hens, cockerels, ducks and geese. 

Every year we rescue hundreds of commercial egg laying hens who would otherwise go to slaughter - Egg-laying hens are normally slaughtered at 72 weeks of age, as this is often when a hen’s egg production slows down. 

Raystede rescues them and bring them to live in our Sanctuary where they are free to roam, scratch and sun-bathe. They are still good egg-layers and make brilliant family pets. 

The hens can arrive underweight and with few feathers (some are almost bald!). That is why when you visit our sanctuary sometimes you will see hens with very few feathers, as well as much healthier looking hens. 

We give them some TLC before putting them up for adoption to go to happy new homes. 

We feed our hens a mixture of corn and layers pellets which have a wormer in to keep them healthy. They also get treats of bread and various vegetables. Chickens also need to be mite treated once a month.

Chickens should always be kept in pairs or groups as they take comfort from being together in a group. 

If you are interested in adopting poultry from Raystede please click here 

We occasionally also have ducks and geese looking for homes, please call the Wildlife, Fowl & Small Animals team on 01825 880467 or email us at to find out more.

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