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Rats are very misunderstood creatures.

They are incredibly intelligent, affectionate and clean.

You can train them to do simple tricks and they love human company. Rats need to be kept in pairs or groups as they are very social.

Housing & Enrichment for Rats

  • You will need a cage measuring at least 80cm x 50cm x 79cm for a pair of rats, altought the bigger the better.
  • A cage with multiple levels and shelves is great as rats are very active and love to explore
  • The cage should have plenty of tubes, perches and places to hide.
  • Rats also enjoy time out of the cage - Make sure you have a safe area to let them run around in.

The Best Diet for Rats

  • Rats are omnivorous, so need a varied diet. The main staple should be a good quality rat mix.
  • They can also have the occasional piece of vegetable, cold scrambled egg and fish.
  • Rats should have constant access to fresh, clean water which should be changed daily.

Rat Health

  • Rats can live to be around 3 with the correct care.
  • Check your rat daily for behavioural or physical changes.
  • Their eyes should be bright and clean and they should have no discharge from their nose or mouth.
  • All male rats are neutered before they leave Raystede. This prevents any related health issues and unwanted litters.

Care Guide Rats

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