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We offer a welcoming Sanctuary and safe haven for wildlife.

Our Sanctuary is made up of 9.5 acres of land and 2 large lakes that are home to a huge variety of wild animals, including some species that rare and protected, ranging from bats and owls to crested newts.

We provide a safe, natural place where they can make their nests and raise their families.

Within our Sanctuary there is a wildlife hospital that cares for sick and injured animals, including fledglings and hedgehogs. 

Over the past year more than 100 birds and animals in distress have been given emergency care here and released back into the wild. 

Our rescue hens and cockerels also live in the Sanctuary area. 

The hens we have on site are ex-commercial hens that were kept in confined spaces and used for egg production. 

Despite being young, had we not rescued them, these hens would have been slaughtered after a short period of time. Many of them are very scared and missing feathers when they arrive here, but they eventually grow their feathers back and lose their fear of humans. 

They still lay eggs and do great a job of trimming back the weeds! All our hens and cockerels are available for rehoming.

“Some Geese enjoying The Sanctuary!”

Please help to support our Sanctuary.