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The Sanctuary area and dog walk around the lakes are currently closed until the Autumn due to the Project Terrapin construction work.
The Aviaries close at 2pm every day for the welfare of our birds.
Peaceways Pet Crematorium

You have reported a pet lost or found


You have reported a pet lost or found.

Why we collect your data

To help you reunite an animal with its owner or be reunited with your pet.

Our reasons for collecting your data

Legitimate interest.

What data do we collect and keep?

Name address, email address and telephone number. Details of the animal you have lost or found.

How we use your data

To have necessary communication about reuniting the animal with its owner.

How long we keep your data for and the reasons for this

We will retain your data until the animal is reunited with its owner, or in the event of the animal not being found your data will be held for two years.

If you use other Raystede services after surrendering an animal, for example adopting an animal or making a donation to the charity, we will retain the information on your record about surrendering for the active life of your relationship with us so we can understand the various services that you have used.

Who will we share your data with?

If you have lost your pet and it is reported found to Raystede, you will be asked for your consent to share your details with the person who has found your pet before we share them. We may also share your details with the local authority, the RSPCA, the police and relevant microchipping companies.

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