You have surrendered an animal to Raystede - Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare
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You have surrendered an animal to Raystede


You have surrendered an animal to Raystede.

Why we collect your data

To enter into a contractual agreement with Raystede to relinquish ownership of an animal to us, either for rehoming or for sanctuary. To facilitate any correspondence that this surrender necessitates.

Our reasons for collecting your data


What data do we collect and keep?

Name address and telephone number. Details of the animal you are surrendering.

How we use your data

To form a contract and for any necessary communication about the animal you have surrendered during and after they come into the care of Raystede.

We may use your data to better understand surrendering and how people who surrender animals to us engage with other Raystede services so we can improve our delivery. We may contact you in the future to help us with surveys to improve our charity and service.

How long we keep your data for and the reasons for this

We will retain your data for the appropriate length of time relevant to the lifespan of the animal you have surrendered in order to maintain a record of the history of the animal for their lifetime. This means we can answer any questions from future owners about the animal's history.

If you use other Raystede services after surrendering an animal, for example adopting an animal or making a donation to the charity, we will retain the information on your record about surrendering for the active life of your relationship with us so we can understand the various services that you have used.

Who will we share your data with?

Your data will not be shared with any third parties, including anyone who adopts the animal you have surrendered.

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