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This year pets need someone extra special!

Can you be that extra special person pets need this year?

A donation from you means we can continue helping animals like Suzie and Scooby who need love and care.

Last year, during the pandemic we were able to help 1,154 vulnerable animals and rehome 600 pets. Despite the challenges we faced, we were able to do this because of the support we received from animal lovers like you. Thank you!

Your support helps us care for pets like gentle Suzie, an elderly cat who needed us when she became homeless, due to her owner being admitted to hospital for end-of-life care.

Suzie had multiple health conditions including a slight heart murmur, a cyst above her eye, and a bad ear infection. We treated her, and very quickly we could see that she felt more comfortable and happier.

But Suzie had another potentially serious health issue, as she had a history of having fits. We wanted to give her the best chance and so monitored her. We found that her fits were infrequent, and she wasn’t distressed by them, which was great news as she didn’t need medication.

With happy endings to stories like Suzie’s and lockdown easing, it feels like a time to celebrate. But I’m afraid we are still facing issues due to the pandemic, and that is why I would like to ask, please if you can to support cats like Suzie with a special gift of £15.

Currently, we have 421 animals in our care. To provide food, shelter, warmth, and medical attention for these animals costs thousands of pounds every week.

Scooby came to us this year as his owner had sadly passed away. This 13-year-old Collie-cross had been well-loved, but when he arrived, he was disorientated and going through grief. This old boy has poor eyesight, is hard of hearing, and has stiff joints, so he has been on supplements and our animal care team have given him gentle exercise.

Scooby thinks he’s a youngster, and he loves playing with a ball and splashing in water, but we make sure he doesn’t overdo it. And at the end of the day, he settles in an extra comfy bed!

Pets like Scooby need someone extra special to support them.

£15 helps us care for a dog like Scooby or cat like Suzie for one week.

£50 helps feed a litter of orphaned kittens for four weeks.

£20 buys an anxiety wrap to help a nervous dog feel secure.

£125 feeds all the animals at Raystede for one whole day.

Your support continues to help animals in need, and we are about to perform a life-saving operation on Lizzy, one of our beautiful white donkeys.

Lizzy has developed a split in her hoof, causing her pedal bone to chip. This is the central bone in the hoof and completely intrinsic to its function, but it has now become infected and eaten away by invasive bacteria. After seeing x-rays of the bone, the vet recently described it as appearing ‘moth eaten’.

Lovely Lizzy is only 18 (donkeys can live well into their 30s) so we want to give her the best chance. The outcome of the operation she needs is potentially very good, but the cost of the operation, vet visits, x-rays, drugs, nursing, and hospitalisation that she needs are high at about £5,500.

But it isn’t only Lizzy that will benefit from the operation. Donkeys pair bond very strongly, and Lizzy is closely bonded to a brown miniature donkey called Dot. In the past when we have lost one donkey, the partner has sometimes faded away from grief, so you can see why this operation is doubly important!

Dot will stay with Lizzy while she is recovering from her operation to prevent her from becoming distressed.

Supporters like you have responded to our request to help Lizzy and Dot, and for that everyone at Raystede is incredibly grateful.

With happy endings to stories like Lizzy’s and lockdown easing, it feels like a time to celebrate. But we still need your help, as unfortunately we are still facing issues due to the pandemic.

More than 3 million households have acquired a pet since March 2020.

We hope every new pet owner discovers the joy of sharing their life with a pet like Suzie or Scooby, but sadly it is inevitable that as lockdown eases, more pets will rely on Raystede and your extra special support. Our Head of Animal Welfare Matt Gough, couldn’t have put it more plainly when he said,

“While it may feel like the worst is over, in some ways, this is just the start of an animal welfare crisis.”

We don’t want to turn away any animal that finds itself unwanted, abandoned or with sadness signed over to our care. With your support, we can help pets in need.

Thank you for being a part of the Raystede family, we are profoundly grateful for your love of animals. Please give what you can today.

Your kind donation helps us to rescue and care for more animals in need.

We rely on your support to save animal's lives & do the work we do.

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