The cost of animal care is rising and pets like Jingles need you more than ever.

Please donate today to help pets in crisis.

Raystede is preparing for the rising and ongoing costs of care for animals that could be with us for some time.

We’ve seen unprecedented levels of enquiries from people needing to surrender their pets over the past few months. It’s a far cry from the situation we found ourselves in just over a year ago – when our phones were ringing constantly with enquiries from the public looking to adopt.

At the same time, rehoming levels have significantly stalled. As a result, we are running out of room to take pets in, and many are waiting in our care for longer times than usual. Meanwhile, the costs of care continue to rise for veterinary supplies, food and heating, and this is having a huge impact on our limited financial resources.

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Pets like Jingles – the lovely tabby cat that came to us as a stray with an over-active thyroid – are in urgent need of specialist and complex care. They need specific food and treatment. Some, need life-changing operations.

Whilst everybody is feeling the pinch from the cost-of-living crisis, ongoing conditions that require specialist treatment, understandably, continue to be a concern for potential adopters. That’s why we are focusing on treating conditions to reduce the cost of ongoing care and give pets the best possible chances of being rehomed.

We’re also trying to do everything we can to reach out to the local community and help keep pets and owners together. We know that most people want to keep their pets and it’s incredibly upsetting when they have to make impossible choices over keeping them.

We’re holding events around the county and at Raystede to provide pet owners with the care and advice that might just help them to keep their pets longer. This includes:

  • Free weight checks.
  • Information and support.
  • Behavioural advice for dogs.
  • Microchipping and neutering days for cats.
  • Neutering days for rabbits.

We can only provide this vital service and ongoing care for pets with support from our pet-loving community.

We would be so grateful if you could make a donation today towards our efforts to care, treat and rehome pets during this escalating animal welfare crisis.

£9 could help to pay for essential veterinary care, such as flea or worming treatments.

£23 could pay for specialist food for a pet with a long-term condition.

£50 could help fund a neutering programme – such as our next community rabbit neutering day – and prevent more unwanted pets.

£75 would be a wonderful contribution towards a thyroidectomy (full cost £219) to give a cat like Jingles a second chance.

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Pets like Jingles could be with us for quite some time. We need to do everything we can to provide them with the best care – and the best possible chances of being rehomed. We’re also determined to keep pets in a loving home for as long as possible.

Please consider making a donation. Even a small amount could make a big difference to a pet during this crisis.

So many of the pets in our care are facing uncertainty right now. Because they can’t speak for themselves, they are relying on us – and friends like you – to care for them. Please donate today.

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Thank you from all the animals, volunteers and staff at Raystede!