Raystede’s Aviaries are closed due to the imposition of a local Avian Flu Surveillance Zone. We do not have the disease at Raystede.
We have to comply with DEFRA regulations and ensure the safety of our birds. Thank you for your understanding.
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Storm Eunice causes extensive damage at Raystede!

Please donate today to help us repair the damage

Raystede has experienced extensive storm damage and we desperately need your help to fund the vital repairs required.

All our animals and people are safe but we are sorry to report that we have suffered significant damage and disruption across our 43 acre site. At times, we are unable to venture too far into the Lakes area as it is too dangerous. It is very challenging here at Raystede with all the flying debris and falling boughs and trees.

A considerable number of trees have fallen since the storm began on Friday 18 February. Heavy rain on Saturday 19 February saturated the earth and with every strong gust of wind, we could see some of the conifers actually moving in the ground - they will need to come down as soon as we can safely enter the area.

All the ducks, poultry, turkeys and geese were fully enclosed before the storm. A large tree crashed down and missed the shed with ducks and turkeys by a few feet, it has smashed the fence instead. We need to repair the enclosures as soon as possible and allow the birds some light and fresh air – this will be our priority.

Our Education yurt has been severely damaged – we have been able to anchor it to hopefully stop it blowing into the rabbitry. One of our donkey sheds has suffered roof damage and we spent a considerable time picking up the roof top felt in heavy rain.

Conditions are very wet and it is not easy for the staff who have been on site - pathways are very wet and covered in debris. As you can imagine, the storm was frightening for some of our animals, particularly the more nervous ones. We have been doing everything we can to keep them dry, warm and safe – and we are incredibly proud of the way our staff and volunteers have pulled together during this challenging time. In fact, our Rehoming Team carried out all the appointments booked in over the weekend of the storm so we were able to send some animals to their forever homes.

We would be so grateful if you could make a donation today towards our efforts to clear up and repair all the damage.

£8 could help fix a fence

£15 could help repair a roof

£25 could help with vital repairs to footpaths around site

We are still reeling from the effects of the pandemic and the Avian Influenza Prevention Zone, which have forced us to close parts or all of the site over the past two years. And now, with February storms on top, this has really tested us. The rescue animals in our care need your support more than ever right now.

Please consider making a donation. Even a small gift will make a big difference at this difficult time.

For many animals like some of the ponies, donkeys and alpacas, Raystede is their permanent home so there simply isn’t anywhere else they can go. They are relying on us – and friends like you – to help them in this time of need.

Thank you from all the animals, staff and volunteers at Raystede!

Your kind donation helps us to rescue and rehome more animals in need.

We rely on your support to save animal's lives.

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