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Friends of Raystede

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Friends of Raystede

Give us a better life today, tomorow and into the future
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The Friends of Raystede are the beating heart of the charity.

We are a group of people who care passionately about animals and stand up against the cruelty inflicted on animals every day.

The Friends group started in the 50’s as a small group of Miss Raymond Hawkin’s (our founder) own personal friends. They wanted to support the work she was doing at Raystede.

She was saving animal’s lives - Rescuing them from abuse, cruelty and neglect - And her friends wanted to do what they could to help her save more animals.

The Friends scheme has grown from there.

Today we are as passionate as ever about our mission and as a group our input and contributions shape the ethos of the charity and provide 20% of all donations.

To become part of this movement join as a Friend of Raystede today. Support Raystede and show your solidarity for more animals to have better lives.

When you become a friend of Raystede you will get:

> Invited to special Friends only events and functions, both at the centre and sometimes off site.

> A loyalty card entitling you to a range of discounts at the centre.

> Our e-newsletter.

> Our magazine 3x per year.

> Be part of the group that cares and keeps Raystede running.

You can join for as little as £3 per month and your contribution WILL make a difference!

Of course we welcome larger monthly contributions also. You set the amount.

Your gift means we can make plans, prepare for the unexpected and be secure in the knowledge that we can keep being there for every animal that needs our help!

Join us today and become a part of Raystede.

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