Booking a ticket is essential to avoid disappointment as visitor numbers are limited for the welfare of our nervous rescue animals.
The lakes and aviaries are currently closed to the public due to the Government’s UK-wide Avian Flu Prevention Zone but you can still enjoy a walk around Raystede and visit our café and shops. If you wish to adopt an animal you must apply online or call us for assistance.
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Corporate Volunteering at Raystede

Volunteer with your colleagues to help animals in need

Corporate Volunteering Days at Raystede

Designed specifically for company teams, our Corporate Volunteering Days are a great way to get out of the office to support a local charity and make a difference to Raystede and the animals in our care.

What’s involved?

We are looking for office-based teams who are happy to get stuck in, make a difference and spend a day having fun with colleagues outside in the scenic surroundings of Raystede.

You will be asked to undertake a selection of maintenance or gardening tasks to help keep the site presentable or to benefit the animals. This could involve weeding, mending fencing, maintaining pastures to benefit horses’ hooves or tending the memorial garden at our Peaceways site. Groups of around 10 people are ideal.

We understand that most people don’t wish to take too much time out of the office, so we offer single volunteering days, 9-4pm.

How much does it cost?

Our volunteering days are free of charge. We are very grateful that many teams who volunteer with us go on to nominate us for company donations or fundraise for the animals.

How will I make a difference?

Our small Estates Team manage the whole of our 43 acre site and deal with everything from gardening, building repairs, animal housing upgrades and, of course, unexpected weather damage. It is important to keep the site presentable for our visitors but also to maintain verges and wildflower areas to ensure the safety of our animals. Horses, for example, can trip in holes dug by rabbits, causing large vets’ bills, or they are prone to munching weeds at the side of their grazing sites which can contribute to equine obesity. A day’s gardening could help prevent animal suffering and save Raystede money.

How do we book?

Email Jennifer Deane, Corporate Partnerships Manager, at or call on 01825 627090.

More information about how we partner with companies is available here

If you'd like to volunteer as an individual, why not browse our other volunteer vacancies