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Fundraising A to Z

Need a little help to get started? Our A to Z guide is here to help inspire you with an array of exciting fundraising ideas.

There's an endless amount of ways to fundraise for Raystede, let us help inspire you with our A to Z of ideas!


Abseiling - push yourself to new heights with a charity abseil!

Auction - get your friends or colleagues to donate items, and host an auction.


Bake sale - a classic, everybody loves cakes!

Birthday Fundraiser - whether you use JustGiving of Facebook, get your friends to donate instead of a present this year


Challenge Events - Are you an adrenaline junkie? Test your limits with a range of challenge events.

Cycling - hop on your bike for a sponsored cycle!


Duke of Edinburgh Award – Choose to undertake your Duke of Edinburgh award task in aid of Raystede. You will be given all the tools to succeed and be able to demonstrate how the new skills you learned made an impact to animals in need.


Endurance Challenge - Think you can handle 1000 push ups? Test your endurance and raise money for animals in need.


Facebook fundraiser – Use Facebook to host your fundraiser so that you can share and post updates. This can be linked with an Instagram fundraiser.

Fashion Show – Hold a fashion show with your friends and sell tickets with the ticket fee to be donated to Raystede.


Goal Thermometer – set a target and display a goal thermometer so your supporters can see how close you are to your goal.

Game-A-Thon – Get sponsored to play a fun game on a streaming service like Twitch. Your sponsors can tune in to your playthrough and you can share your digital fundraiser in the chat.


How many in the jar? – entrants pay to guess how many dog biscuits/sweets/marbles in your jar. The winner either receives the jar of treats or any other prizes you have sourced.

Head shave – Be sponsored to shave your head for charity. Use a digital fundraising platform like JustGiving or GoFundMe to update your supporters and even livestream the shave itself.


Instagram fundraiser – Start an Instagram fundraiser to post on your story and send to friends. This can be linked with a Facebook fundraiser.


Jigsaw puzzle contest – Hold a jigsaw puzzle contest in your local community, time each person who pays to enter and the fastest wins a donated prize.


Karaoke - sing it for the animals! Get together with friends, set up a fundraiser, and maybe even live stream your hidden talent for extra donations!


Lego building contest – Hold a design challenge for your team, group or class with a different brief each day of the week. Participants pay to enter to win a prize which can be sourced from a local business or supermarket.


Matched Giving – Contact a local supermarket or your employer and ask if they are happy to match the amount you raise.

Marathon – Borrow a treadmill or exercise bike from a local leisure centre. Decide as a group on your distance target and get sponsored to all take turns adding to the distance. This could even be held in a local supermarket to encourage local families to donate to your cause.


No technology day – Get sponsored to replace screentime with learning about animal welfare and good animal husbandry.

Non uniform day – Participants donate for the privilege of wearing their preferred outfit instead of uniform.

Naming rights – Sell or auction naming rights to a particular thing or area, such as a bench; a water fountain; a cupboard or even a statue. Whoever wins the auction gets to officially name the item and dictate how it is referred to going forwards. This can be repeated every year.


Open Mic Night - Get in touch with a local venue or pub about hosting an open night mic in support of Raystede, charge a cover or collect donations on the night!


Pyjama day – Get sponsored to wear your pyjamas instead of your regular clothing to any setting of your choice. Bonus points if they are animal themed!

Popcorn – The ultimate healthy snack! Buy it, sell it, donate the profits to support injured and unwanted animals in need.

Penny Race – Challenge another person or group and see which of you can fill a large jar with loose change first. This is fantastic for churches, classes in school or departments in an office. Donate the change when you have your winner!


Quiz - Host a quiz down the pub or village hall, get people to donate prizes and collect entry fees.


Read-a-thon – Get sponsored to read for 6 hours, 12 hours or even 24 hours straight! You could be sponsored for the whole lot or sponsored per hour

Recycling Drive – Collect recyclable (or even better, tetracycle) items in your local community. Set this up with a local company who will take the materials away and then pay you for them. Donate the profits.


Sportsday viewing – Sell tickets to your yearly sports day and host a collection tin on your refreshment stand.

Sponsored silence – A favourite with students! Get sponsored to be silent for a lunch time or for the whole school day.


The Big clean – Get sponsored to litter-pick a local area to improve life for your local wildlife and to allow the natural biodiversity to flourish.

Teddy Bear’s Picnic – Collect Teddy bears and gifts as donations, make them into hampers and auction them to your guests.

Teddy Tombola – Collect donated and gifted teddy bears and hold a tombola.

Treasure hunt – Source a fantastic prize or experience for your winner. Hide a printed image or an item somewhere and sell tickets to your hunt.

Tickets – Sell tickets to your existing events and donate the profits to support the animals in our care at Raystede.


Used Book Sale - Give those books gathering dust on the self a new lease of life with a used book sale. Set up a stall and raise money for Raystede.


Viral video challenge - Brainstorm a creative challenge for entrants to take part in. Film yourself and members of your community taking part and post to social media. Challenge your friends and their contacts to take part. Share into local community groups and ask local businesses and individuals to share too. Each time someone uploads the challenge they can tag other people to challenge them and each person that takes part or is challenged donates to your digital fundraiser which is shared with the initial video, giving people in the local community a chance to donate if they are unable to take part.


World Animal Day – Celebrate animals on the 4th October by holding your event on this day.

Wear blue for Raystede day - Get your workplace or school to host a day in support of Raystede by having everyone wearing blue!

Wet sponge throw – Participants can pay an entry fee to throw a wet sponge from a bucket at a consenting person. It’s all in the name of animals in need!


Xmas-themed fundraiser - The Christmas spirit makes people very generous so think about holding your fundraiser in December!


Yoga Marathon - Feeling in touch with the Earth? Get together with friends and host a yoga marathon for charity.


Zero to hero challenge - Take on and master a new skill or challenge and seek sponsorship along the way!”

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