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If you would like to take action for Raystede then why not write to your MP or local paper in support of our stance on these issues:

Psittacines (Parrot family)

Raystede disagrees in principle with keeping any bird in cages. In particular we oppose the breeding, neo-natal rearing and selling of parrots as “pets” or exhibits.

Tortoise & Terrapin

Raystede disagrees in principle the keeping of tortoises and terrapins in captivity. In particular we disagree with the keeping of tortoises and terrapins as domestic pets in the UK due to unsuitable climate, habitat and lack of general care and specialist knowledge required of these specialist species. Terrapins also produce a negative environmental impact in natural habitats when discarded by unscrupulous owners.

Exotic species (Reptiles, Invertebrates, Chinchillas, Water Dragons etc)

Raystede disagrees in principle the keeping in captivity of exotic species as domestic pets or exhibits.
In particular, those species offered via commercial breeders due to general lack of knowledge and inappropriate housing and care leading to quality of life issues.

Dangerous Dogs

Raystede believes that current legislation relating to “dangerous dogs” is ill conceived and draconian. We believe that the over-riding principle in future modification of legislation about dogs and their behaviour should be about “deed not breed” and about responsible pet ownership.


Raystede disagrees in principle to intensive breeding methods for all species. In particular breeders of small animals supplying commercial retailers, and puppy farming.

Puppy farms should not be allowed to continue. When buying a puppy always insist on seeing mum and make sure the puppy is at least 8 weeks old. 


Raystede believes that breeding intervention, normally via neutering, is the most humane and most responsible course of action whilst any species is over-populated, resulting in the need for rehoming centre’s and sanctuaries to operate. We neuter animals as a matter of policy in order to set an example of responsible pet ownership, for health benefits and potential behavioural benefits neutering brings to the individual and to help to reduce the over-population of animals in the UK.

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