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Raystede welcomes visitors to gain a unique glimpse into the work of an animal welfare charity.
Entry is free. To help control numbers onsite, visitors must please book a ticket – this is for the welfare of our animals and the safety and enjoyment of our visitors.
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Sponsor the kennels

Meet some of our kennel residents...

Some of the dogs we take in need urgent medical care, or are traumatised by neglect or abuse. But whatever their history or age, we make sure every dog gets the very best individual care and a chance of a better life. By becoming a sponsor of our kennels you enable us to continue giving dogs the chance to find happiness again.

Sponsor the Kennels

Becoming a sponsor for our kennels not only cares for our dogs, but also allows us to give them that little bit extra. You can help us provide funds for food, warmth and love, as well as medical care and plenty of toys to keep them content. Rescue dogs are the best dogs and with your help we can continue to find them a loving home of their very own.

Every day we work hard to keep our animals happy and safe. By sponsoring our kennels you can help to actively give our dogs, and all our other animals, a better quality of life.

What you'll get in your sponsorship package

  • Regular updates from the kennels
  • Invitations to special private events where you'll be taken 'behind the scenes' to experience Raystede and meet the animals you help to care for
  • Our magazine in the post
  • A certificate of sponsorship
  • Fact sheet about the animals in your section
  • Raystede Post it notes
  • Raystede fridge magnet

A sponsorship also makes an ideal gift for animal lovers.

THANK YOU for helping to care for the animals in our kennels.

If you require more information or assistance:

Please call 01825 840747 or email fundraising@raystede.org

Your kind donation helps us to rescue and care for more animals in need.

We rely on your support to save animal's lives & do the work we do.

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