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Sponsor Purdie

Meet Purdie...

Purdie is our adorable falabella/shetland cross. She is a palomino, an exceptionally pretty colour and very laid back and sweet in nature. Purdie has a clubbed foot making her unsuitable for any kind of work so has a home for life at Raystede where she will always be safe and cared for. Her disability doesn't hold her back from enjoying life and she can move fast when there might be food on offer!

Sponsor Purdie

Ponies like Purdie can be long lived - upwards of 30 years or more. This is a long commitment and the every day bills including bedding, feed and the most basic of vet care are high. Equines like Purdie who cannot work are often euthanised or abandoned as they are considered an expensive luxury if they cannot perform a role. According to the British Horse Society, only 9% of UK Equines will meet a natural death. With your support we can ensure Purdie and others like her will always have somewhere to call home and that she is valued for who she is, not her usefulness to people.

Purdie's care is so important because her home is at Raystede. Becoming a sponsor means you can help us provide the care she needs to stay happy and healthy for the rest of her life. Your contribution will help us to continue rescuing and caring for horses, ponies and donkeys in need.

What you get in your sponsorship package:

  • Regular updates from Purdie
  • Invitations to special private events where you'll be taken 'behind the scenes' to experience Raystede and meet the animals you help to care for
  • Our magazine in the post
  • A certificate of sponsorship
  • Fact sheet about the animals in your section
  • Raystede Post it notes
  • Raystede fridge magnet

A sponsorship also makes an ideal gift for animal lovers.

THANK YOU for helping to look after Purdie and her other equine friends!

If you require more information or assistance:

Please call 01825 840747 or email fundraising@raystede.org

Your kind donation helps us to rescue and care for more animals in need.

We rely on your support to save animal's lives & do the work we do.

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