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Hi, I am Sooty! 

I loved my owner and he loved me. We had 13 happy years together. But one day things changed... 


He began to treat me differently; he stopped feeding and brushing me. He didn't know my name anymore and he didn't recognise me!  

He threw me outside and wouldn't let me back in; he shouted at me and told me to 'go away'. I waited. 

Days passed - I got thinner and thinner and my coat became heavily matted. 

It got colder... Still I waited. 


I thought he might remember who I was. And I had nowhere else to go. One day I laid down and found I couldn't get up again. I was so tired and cold, I just wanted to close my eyes and go to sleep. 

Before I drifted away, a different human came across me. They look worried;  They said I needed help, so they bought me to Raystede. They thought I was a stray. But actually it turns out my owner just couldn't look after me anymore - They told me he has a disease called 'dementia' and he needs other people to take care of him now. 

The team at Raystede took care of me; they gave me food and brushed my coat. For the first time in ages I felt safe and loved again! 

If it wasn't for Raystede, I don't know where I would be now... 

I am one of the lucky ones. But the Raystede cattery is full of cats like me that have been rescued and need a new home. 

Raystede can't keep being there without your help.

Not everyone can rehome a cat - we understand that. 

A sponsorship helps us to care for the cats in our cattery, to safeguard their future. 

It costs just £5 per month. 

Your contribution will help us to continue rescuing cats in need - To feed them and care for them, providing veterinary attention where required. 

Will you sponsor the cattery today and help other cats like me? Click below: 

YES! I want to help look after cats like Sooty

What You Get in Your Sponsorship Package: 

  • Regular updates from the cattery and news about the cats. 
  • Invited to special private events where you will be taken 'behind the scenes' to experience Raystede and meet the animals you help to care for. 
  • Receive our magazine in the post. 
  • A certificate of sponsorship. 
  • Fact sheet about the animals in your section. 
  • Cuddly toy (optional). 
  • Raystede fridge magnet. 

A sponsorship also makes an ideal gift for animal lovers. 

THANK YOU for helping to rescue animals like me! 


To become a sponsor click here or call 0300 999 0909

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