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Sponsor Us - Equine

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Sponsor Us - Equine

Hi, I'm Dennis! 

Click Here to Sponsor Dennis & Friends Now

My owner was my best friend. We were together for as long as I can remember. 

A few years ago I developed a condition called 'navicular disease'. It affected my hoofs and was very painful. 

My owner struggled to look after me, as I needed a lot of care and the the vets bills were very expensive

I became frightened - What would happen to me if my owner could no longer take care of me? 


Luckily my fears were unfounded because my clever owner made contact with Raystede. 

Raystede were able to take me and I joined the equine herd here! 

I soon made friends and I felt very happy, safe in the knowledge that I have somewhere comfortable to live out my twilight years - Plus it's super fun being part of a herd. 

Join the herd and help to look after me & my friends! 

Help look after the equines for just £5 per month. 

Your contribution will help us to continue rescuing and caring for horses, ponies and donkeys in need. 

Will you sponsor the equines today? Click below: 

YES! I'd like to help care for equine herd

What You Get in Your Sponsorship Package: 

  • Regular updates from the horses, ponies and donkeys. 
  • Invited to special private events where you'll be taken 'behind the scenes' to experience Raystede and meet the animals you help to care for. 
  • Receive our magazine in the post. 
  • A certificate of sponsorship. 
  • Fact sheet about the animals in your section. 
  • Cuddly toy (optional). 
  • Raystede fridge magnet. 

A sponsorship also makes an ideal gift for animal lovers. 

THANK YOU for joining the herd and helping to look after me and my friends! 


To sponsor the equines click here or call 0300 999 0909

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