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Raystede welcomes visitors to gain a unique glimpse into the work of an animal welfare charity.
Entry is free. To help control numbers onsite, visitors must please book a ticket – this is for the welfare of our animals and the safety and enjoyment of our visitors.
Book your visit!

Book your visit

Book a ticket to visit Raystede and learn more about our charity and see the work we do to rescue, rehome and rehabilitate animals in need.

All visitors must book a ticket.

Booking was introduced during the pandemic and we found this to be beneficial to the welfare of the animals in our care, many of whom are very shy and nervous and cannot cope with large numbers of people and noise. It also keeps our site safe for the animals, staff and volunteers and enables visitors to enjoy their visit and get a real insight into the day to day work of an animal welfare charity.

Aviaries - limited opening times

Our aviary birds experienced many months at Raystede without visitors on site and many got used to the quiet. We monitored the behaviour of our birds closely upon reopening and noticed that some birds welcomed the site being busier again, whereas it caused others to become stressed and display negative behaviours. As the welfare of our animals is our top priority we have decided to close the Aviaries area to visitors at 2pm for the time being to ensure that all of our birds are allowed plenty of time each day to relax and unwind with their feathered friends, as well as with people.

Please book a ticket for all adults, children under 3 years old do not require a ticket. You will be asked to show your ticket on arrival. If you need assistance with booking your ticket please phone us on: 01825 840 252.

We are dog friendly but please keep your dog on a lead at all times.

Please watch the video below to find out what to expect from your visit.

If you need to give up a pet or want to adopt an animal please visit our adoption & surrendering pages to fill out a form. Our team will contact you and arrange an appointment.

We rehome dogs, cats, small animals, aviary birds and fowl. Where necessary we also provide sanctuary to hundreds of other animals like terrapins, exotic birds, sheep and our equine herd, so they can live out their lives in safety and contentment. Many of them were abused or came from unfortunate circumstances prior to arriving at Raystede.

Our work is only made possible thanks to our supporters, take a look at our latest fundraising events!

Your kind donation helps us to rescue and care for more animals in need.

We rely on your support to save animal's lives & do the work we do.

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