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We are still open for animals!

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We are still open for animals!

We are currently closed to general visitors until further notice. Thank you for your understanding and support. Our main focus at this time is helping animals that desperately need us.

If you need to give up a pet or want to adopt an animal please visit our adoption & surrendering pages.

Raystede is remaining closed to general visitors until 2021. As an animal welfare charity, we are of course staying open to animals. Our rehoming services are available for those who would like to adopt a pet or need to give up an animal. You can begin the process online or if you need assistance please do call or email us. All details are on our website.

Remaining closed to general visitors during December has not been an easy decision. There are many factors to consider and we hope you find the following information helpful:

1) We are currently managing a new and serious situation - the government have issued regulations regarding Avian Flu. We do not have this virus at Raystede but we are required to put protective measures in place to keep our birds safe. As our visitors will know, we have a lot of birds at our Centre and we need to do everything possible to prevent the spread of Avian Flu. We have closed the aviaries, lakes and sanctuary area at Raystede to everyone except our staff members who work directly with those birds. A range of other daily measures are in place to keep our birds as safe as possible and we are carefully following government guidance.

2) Our priority is for Raystede to stay open for animals and those needing our rehoming services. Rehoming appointments (where people can meet potential pets) restart on Wednesday 2nd December.

3) It is difficult to predict which Tier system East Sussex may fall into during the coming weeks and we will struggle if we re-open and then are forced to shut very quickly again. As a charity we must ensure funds are spent wisely to help the animals in our care and at present it is safer for us to remain closed.

4) December is usually a fairly quiet month for visitors. The weather is not always kind and we do need a certain level of general visitors to make it worth opening the café and shops.

For further information please refer to our FAQs page

We are really sorry if you were looking forward to visiting Raystede before Christmas. We would like to thank you for your understanding and support. This has been such a difficult year for everyone but your kind words, Amazon Wishlist gifts and donations have allowed us to keep our gates open to animals. Just last week we received 6 abandoned guinea pigs (one of which is pictured below) who were in desperate need of veterinary care. They are in poor condition but thanks to you we can take care of them and also any other animals who will need us in the coming months. Thank you!

We rehome dogs, cats, small animals and certain birds such as hens, cockerels and ducks. Where necessary we also provide sanctuary to hundreds of other animals like terrapins, exotic birds, sheep and our equine herd, so they can live out their lives in safety and contentment. Many of them were abused or came from unfortunate circumstances prior to arriving at Raystede.

Our work is only made possible thanks to our supporters: Click here to see our latest fundraising events.

Our centre is currently closed to general visitors until further notice. Rehoming is by appointment only.

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