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  • 17th of May 2022

A guide to your day at Raystede

As the sun is starting to shine, why not add a visit to Raystede to your summer ‘to do’ list?

Where are we?

You can find our animal sanctuary in Ringmer, East Sussex, BN8 5AJ.

We are situated along The Broyle, the long stretch of road leading out of Ringmer village. We have a large car park and parking is free. Public transport is a bit limited, but if you travel by car it means you’ll have plenty of room to fit in all your goodies after your trip to our Raystede charity shop and pet goods store!

What animals do we care for?

Here at Raystede, we provide care for a wide range of rescue animals.

There’s never a dull moment at our animal sanctuary, from fluffy dogs and cats to friendly goats and horses to exotic birds, tortoises, rabbits, mice, donkeys and alpacas.

Please remember that you may not see all of our animal residents. Many of them are shy and nervous so may be hiding in their natural habitat or receiving specialist care behind the scenes to help prepare them for a new home.

What to do at Raystede

With 43 acres with two beautiful, large lakes, trees, fields and wildflowers, there are plenty of things to do and sights to see.

There are many scenic walks around our grounds – some of which are dog-friendly - where you can spot a huge variety of wildlife and spend time exploring our stunning nature spots. You may even see some of our animals on their daily strolls with their carers!

We have a lovely café on site serving up delicious hot and cold food, as well as snacks, cakes, ice creams and drinks to keep you going throughout the day. We have an extensive range of vegan and vegetarian options, and source all of our meat and dairy products from local, high welfare farms. All profits generated through the Raystede café go straight to providing care for our animals.

If you choose to bring your dog with you, why not stop off at our Pet Goods store and treat them to special something special. From luxury dog beds to squeaky toys and yummy biscuits, we’re sure you can find something for your best pal. Again, all profits from our Pet Goods store go directly towards helping our beautiful animals.

We also have our Raystede charity shop on site, where you can find some absolute bargains! From high-quality branded clothing to pre-loved books and bric-a-brac treat yourself or your loved ones. Don’t forget to try out our bespoke jams, marmalades, chutneys and divine butter shortbread too!

Join a daily guided tour

Why not join us for a free guided tour of Raystede, every day at 11.30am?

You'll be met by your own personal tour guide and shown around the beautiful landscape our animals call home. Find out more about how we care for our animals, why they come to Raystede and learn about our Founder and the history that made make Raystede what it is today.

Do I need to book a ticket?


During the pandemic, we introduced a booking system that has remained in place. It helps us make sure that visitor numbers are limited, so our animals are always safe and not overwhelmed as most are very shy. It also means the sanctuary is never too busy, so you, your family and your dog can enjoy your visit to Raystede.

Ticket booking is essential but entry is free! Your donations on the day are very welcome to support our vital work.

We look forward to seeing you at Raystede soon! Book your visit today!