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We would be most grateful if you could help Raystede by answering three simple questions about your interest in animals.

Improving animal welfare through education and learning has always been a key focus for Raystede and we would like to understand more about the animals that our supporters engage with. Your answers will help us to choose the best opportunities for our education work, both on site and in the community.

It is also possible that the results of this survey will help us when applying for grants and funding. Thank you so much for helping us by completing this survey (below). Please scroll through to answer the questions.

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Thank you for supporting Raystede and taking the time to fill out this survey, it is much appreciated.

We rely on your donations to help animals like Topsy.

When Topsy arrived with us, he was severely underweight and needed a lot of care. We couldn't help the amount of animals we do without your support. Please donate to help more animals get the care they deserve.