Special Training and Activity Requirement dogs

Super STAR dogs that are bursting with potential but need extra special adopters to help them unlock it!

Why are we featuring STAR dogs?

Due to the pandemic we are receiving an increasing number of dogs (80%) that have not had the opportunity to be socialised and the various lockdowns meant there was limited access to training classes where young dogs would be taught the basic skills to behave calmly in everyday situations. This page gives a detailed insight into what welcoming one of these dogs into your home will bring - lots of joy but also some challenges!

What are STAR dogs?

STAR dogs tend to be reactive in certain situations and need kindness, patience, understanding and positive training experiences for the duration of their life. We offer support, help and advice to all our adopters to make sure the adoption is a success. Helping a STAR dog to feel safe and learn new life skills can be challenging but it is rewarding, they give back what you put in and they bring the utmost joy!

'Reactive' means:

A dog reacting to a situation in a way that is deemed undesirable. It can range from barking, growling, urinating, being destructive – there’s a long list! Our expert Kennels team work with these dogs providing them with bespoke training and confidence building routines. There are many fun activities to help dogs manage their emotions and feel safe but you can't rush these things and it's an ongoing process.

Are you ready to find out more about these super STAR dogs?

Some of the everyday factors that all dogs can be sensitive to and how you can help:

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