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Fundraising tips & ideas

There's many different ways to raise money for Raystede and help us care for the animals at our centre.

Whatever you're thinking of doing, we'd love to hear from you. You can email or call us on 01825 840747.

Below we have included our Top 10 Fundraising tips:

1. Take part in a Challenge event.

Whether it's running, cycling, skydiving, climbing, walking, abseiling, gliding, why not do it for Raystede and we will offer you support and guidance along the way. You will also receive your very own Raystede T-shirt. Did you know that every £200 you raise could help us to pay the vets bills for an old horse like Seamus (pictured below.) By taking part in an event and raising funds, you really are making a difference to the animals at Raystede and helping us to give them a better life. (All our events are Covid safe. You can read our Covid promise here.)

If you are taking part in a challenge, you can download a sponsor form here: Raystede Sponsorship Event Form. Spread the word about your fundraising as much as you can through advertising it on social media sites. Remember to start early. The earlier you start the more money you will raise.

2. Guess the name of a dog sweepstake

You can challenge your friends, family and work colleagues to take part in a Guess The Name Of The Dog Sweepstake. You can charge an entry fee, and provide a prize for the winner. You could source a prize by asking local businesses or supermarkets. (We have a letter of authority than we can send you if any businesses or supermarkets request one.) Click on the link to read the full Instructions. If you would like to do this please email and we will send you your guess the name of the dog sweepstake.

3. Set up an online fundraising page to mark a special occasion

Perhaps it's your birthday, or your pet's birthday? It could be a wedding or even a rehoming anniversary. Whatever the occasion, why not raise some funds for the animals at Raystede by setting up an online fundraising page. You could create your own Facebook Fundraiser or set up a Justgiving Page. All donations then get automatically transferred through to us.

4. Organise your own online animal show

You could give your online animal show a theme. For example, if you are a cat lover you could focus on cat categories. Or if you prefer dogs, you could organise an online dog show. Pick a few categories, such as ‘Most Handsome Hound,’ ‘Most Appealing Eyes,’ ‘Prettiest Lady,’ and ‘Shiniest Coat.’ Ask people to enter into the categories by sending you photos of their dogs, making sure they state which category they’d like to enter. They could pay you an entry fee of £5 per category. (This can be done by giving you cash or you could create an online fundaising page for people to donate onto.)

You could organise some rosettes for the winning dogs and maybe even bake the winners some dog treats or sort out a prize for them. Make sure you give your online animal show a closing date and ask someone you know to be a judge for the competition. Perhaps you could even ask a local pet shop if they might judge or if you get stuck, a volunteer at Raystede would be happy to oblige.

5. Virtual quiz or virtual Bingo

Organise your own virtual quiz or bingo evening. Host a quiz or bingo evening on a platform like Zoom. Ask people to pay an entry fee and this can go towards your fundraising target. You could provide prizes to the winners, and ask local businesses and shops to see if they would be happy to donate a prize for your event. There are free online bingo generators that are easy to use and also lots of online quiz questions to choose from.

6. Use your skills

You could use your skills or favourite hobby to raise money for Raystede. Do you love painting, dancing, yoga? Why not produce a painting, run a dance class or yoga session in exchange for a donation? Perhaps you are brilliant at sewing and could make face masks for Raystede? Or you could undertake some manual tasks in exchange for donations, such as washing cars or weeding a garden?

7. Hold an online auction or raffle

Why not hold your own online auction or raffle. Perhaps you have lots of unwanted Christmas presents or other items that you would be happy to donate or raffle off. You could also write to local shops and businesses to see if they would be happy to donate an item to you. (If you need a letter of authority from us, we can easily send you one.)

You could hold an online auction or raffle on Facebook or Zoom. You could ask for £2 a raffle ticket and ask people to donate directly onto your online fundraising page or give you cash. For an auction you could set a minimum price and then ask people to bid for the items.

8. Find out if your employer will do matched giving

Get your work place involved. You could ask your employer if they operate matched giving, which is where they will sometimes donate as much as a £1 for every £1 you raise. You could also see if your work will hold a dress down day where people could donate £1 each for wearing their favourite lounge wear to work, or perhaps everyone dresses as an animal for the day?

9. Amazon smile

Sign up to Amazon Smile and choose Raystede. You can register for free and Amazon will donate 0.5% of all eligible purchases to Raystede. It's an easy way to experience feel good shopping.

10. Sacrifice luxury items and donate the money you save

Perhaps you are currently saving money from not having to commute? Or maybe you have a little extra cash from not going out for meals for a while. You could donate this money to Raystede instead? Every £50 you donate could help pay for a dentist visit for one of our equines.

You could also try sacrificing three luxury items from your weekly household shop and donate the money you save to Raystede. Why not encourage friends and family to do the same.

If you have any of your own unique ideas we are always happy to support you and give you any materials that you might need. If you would like to discuss an idea with us then you can contact us on 01825 840747 or email

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