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Hello my name is Henry and I am 8 years old. I am a very handsome boy who loves a fuss and a cuddle and will sit on your lap when I feel like it. I love to give you kisses and headbutts. I enjoy playing with pieces of string as well as going out in the garden to sunbathe, I very much like to have my own territory.You would need to watch my weight as I am a little plump! I would like to be the only cat in the house and would prefer not to live with dogs. I may possibly live with older children or would enjoy an adult only home. I can be quite a vocal boy and am generally quite confident. Do you have the purrfect home for me? Love Henry xx

Buddy & Marley

Buddy & Marley

Hello my name is Buddy and I am looking for a home with my brother Marley. We can both be quite nervous although Marley is a little more outgoing and can be quite friendly at times and loves a fuss. I am quite shy but I do love a good fuss once I trust you. I do like to follow Marley around and we both enjoy going out, Marley does like to hunt a little. We will need time to settle and create a bond with our new owner, so someone with experience of nervous cats would be perfect. We would prefer a quiet home with no young children, dogs or other cats please. Given time we will make lovely companions for someone. Do you have the purrfect home for us? Love Buddy and Marley xx

Gary, Mark & Howard

Gary, Mark & Howard

Meet Gary, Mark and Howard, a family of male mice. Gary is the dad and is just over 7 months old, Mark and Howard are brothers and are 6 months old. They are very friendly and will happily take food from you. They love to sleep and can often be found curled up in bed together.

Kate & Leo

Kate & Leo

Meet Kate and Leo, two 5 year old English Spots. These two rabbits haven''t had the best life so far, and have a few behavioural issues. Staff and volunteers have worked with them to get them used to people and they are becoming very friendly little bunnies. They will need a home where their new owners are willing to be patient and take time getting to know them. They are looking for their forever home together.

Buttons & Molly

Buttons & Molly

Meet Buttons and Molly, two very special bunnies. Buttons is a 5 year old neutered male Himalayan and Molly is a 6 and half year old dwarf lop. Buttons is almost completely deaf and blind, caused by a brain injury when he was younger. Molly takes care of him so they muse be homed together. They are very loving rabbits who enjoy napping together and sitting in the sunshine. They are looking for a home with experienced rabbit owners. Please contact the Small Animals team for further information.

Eddie & Trixie

Eddie & Trixie

Meet Eddie and Trixie, two lionhead crosses. Eddie is a 3 and a half year old, neutered male and Trixie is a 6 year old spayed female. Due to their breeds the need regular grooming to keep their fur in tip top condition. They are sweet-natured bunnies who can often be found grazing in their garden and are best friends so need to be homed together. Eddie and Trixie could live as house rabbits as they are litter trained; they are also used to dogs.

Bootsie & Bowie

Bootsie & Bowie

Hi, we are Bootsie and Bowie, brothers aged 4 years old. We are looking for a home together as we are extremely close. We came to Raystede as we were very stressed in our previous home. With too many cats in the area and we felt the need to 'mark' our territory. We also were very scared of the dog next door. We have had quite a bit of change in our short lives and now we are hoping to find a forever home where we can feel safe and settled. We are both very handsome and we adore fuss and attention. Bowie can initially be shy of new people but it does not take him long to make friends. We love to curl up next to you and may follow you around. A garden is essential and we must be in an area which does not have many cats around. We are great with children but do need to be the only pets. We have lots of love to give to the right home. Can you offer us a home with a great garden and not surrounded by other feline's or dog's? Love Bootsie & Bowie x



Hi, my name is Buz and I am female aged 6 years. I am an affectionate and very playful girl and I enjoy lots of fuss from adults. I am fine with older children (over 12 years) but no young children please. I am not that keen on being picked up. I am confident generally and I am always pleased to see you. I do need regular flea treatment as I have an allergy to flea bites. I am not keen on other cats and I am scared of dogs. I would like a nice garden to explore but I am unlikey to venture very far. I have lots of love to give to the right home, could I be the cat for you? Love Buz x



I’m Dash, a handsome, super fast 2 year old male Collie cross. I was rescued from and unpleasant home by Animal Wardens and am now looking for experienced, committed people to help me learn and have lots of fun. I have lots of energy and could run and play fetch all day. I need training around other dogs and am not suited to live with other animals. I need an adult only home with the time and patience to help me flourish.


Hi, my name is Lobuz and I am a 5 year old neutered male. I have been at Raystede for some time and I am desperate for a home to call my own. I am a very confident and affectionate boy and also extremely smart and intelligent. I love a fuss and can be very loving and will sit on your lap. I really love human company and would benefit from a home where I am not left alone for long periods. I also love my food so I could easily be trained as I am ultra smart. I did use to live with a female cat and Raystede staff now feel that I would benefit from a feline friend. I have even made good friends with one of the male cats here. I have lived with a dog before so I could possibly do so again. I am brilliant with children. I love to play and enjoy being brushed. A garden is essential please. I am looking for an experienced cat owner ideally as I have developed a spray behaviour issue which I need to un-learn which may take time. The staff feel this is stress related as I am unhappy. I am a lovely boy with a big personality. Please can someone give me a home? I am very miserable despite the love that the staff show me here. There is no place like home....... Love Lobuz x


My name is Hatchi and I am an 20 months old male LARGE mongrel (35kg) – possibly a Malamute cross? I’m a friendly pup needing an experienced, adult only home able to commit to my on-going training. I am really clever and starting to learn but I am strong and like to clown around! I need training around other dogs and am not suited to live with cats. New owners will need to have experience of large breeds and be able to provide the right environment and active lifestyle for me. I do also love my cuddles and will form a close bond to people who understand me.

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