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Max & Poppy

Max & Poppy

Hello My names max and I’m looking for a home with my best friend Poppy. I am a 7 year old terrier mix and poppy is an 8 year old Labrador x collie. I like other dogs but poppy only likes some (I think she doesn’t want to share me). Poppy and I chase cats so are looking for a home without please. I don’t mind older respectful children but poppy is quite nervous so we are looking for an adult only home. Both of us would really like to stay together and have a home, love and attention we feel we deserve. Love Max & Poppy

Ratty & Coco

Ratty & Coco

Hi, we are Ratty and Coco, brother and sister aged 7 years. We came to Raystede as one of our owners passed away and our other owner had to move into a flat with no garden and pets were not allowed. We are looking for a home together. We are both friendly once we know you but we may take a little time to settle. We were very close to our female owner, not so keen on the man. Coco is a bit more confident than me but I just need time to get to know you. We both love to go outside so a garden is essential for us please. Our ideal home would be with just adults though we may be ok with teenagers but no young children. We would need to be the only pets. (no dogs or cats please). We are hoping to find a forever home soon where we can feel loved and safe. Please can you offer us a forever home. Love Ratty & Coco x



I’m Toby, a cheeky 2 year old male Terrier mix. I’ll need an experienced, terrier loving home please! I love to play and go for adventures but do need general training. I am not so keen on other dogs or cats and need an adult only home.



I’m Zena, a nervous 5 year old female Husky. I’m looking for a gentle, patient home that will be able to provide me with a secure environment. Potential owners should research my breed type, I’ll need an active home and like to be involved and kept busy! I need some training around other dogs and could live with calm older children but no cats please!!


My name is Humphrey and I am a large 3 year old male Lurcher X Deerhound. I’m a handsome, friendly dog, walk nicely on the lead but will need a home where I can have a good off-lead run around in a secure area. I am generally social with other dogs but not cats and could live with older children. I do like company and may be anxious if left alone.



Hi, my name is Ebony and I am female aged 13 years. My owner decided to rehome me after I was unhappy living with a toddler. I am an affectionate and friendly girl and I have been enjoying lots of fuss since arriving at Raystede. I am a little overweight as I have always been an indoor cat so have lacked exercise. Ideally, it would be nice if I could find a new home with some outside space. I would suit a single person or couple but could possbily live with children over 12 years. I would prefer to be the only pet please. Can you offer me a loving, forever home in my twilight years? Love Ebony x


Hi, my name is Penny and I am 4 years old. I have been at Raystede a little while awaiting a new home and I wanted to update you on my progress. When I arrived, I was very unpredictable, likely down to the frustration on having been an indoor cat and I was signed over because of my behaviour. I have come on a long way since I arrived and I have become extremely fond of the cattery team leader. I love to sit on her lap and I love her to stroke me and I even purr now whilst kissing her hands. Unfortunately, she has two cats and cannot have me as I really do not like other cats. Ideally, I need a home with an experienced cat owner as it may take me a little time to bond with a new person so I need someone who understands me and knows when to leave me alone. Once I feel safe and secure, I am very loving. I love to go outside in the run I have here, so I do need a garden please. I would not suit a home with children unless perhaps they were older and very sensible. I don't think I would like to share my home with a dog. Although I may take time to adjust to a new home, I have huge potential to be a very loving girl as it has been proven since my stay here. Please come and meet me and give me a chance. Love Penny x



Hi, my name is Roxy and I am 4 years old. I was recently adopted but returned to Raystede due to my unpredictable behaviour. I need an experienced cat owner preferably a single lady who will give me the time and space to settle in my new home. I can be very loving but can also lash out so I do need to be left to my own devices so that I can build confidence and trust. I do need to be the only pet and no children in the home. It will take time and patience with me and I may never be a soppy lap cat but I just need an understanding owner. I really hope that there is someone out there who will give me a chance. I will need a garden please and lots of play with fishing rod style toys. I am a very pretty girl who still deserves love like all the others here. Please can you offer me a loving, forever home? Love Roxy x



My name is Red and I am an active, attentive and inquisitive 2 year old male Husky. I was rescued from appalling conditions at a puppy farm, confined and unused to human contact. I have been undergoing extensive rehabilitation and though still nervous I am ready to start the process of finding a family to call my own. I will need experienced, patient and very committed people to continue to show me the kindness I need and support my development. I would benefit from living with other dogs but not cats and children would be considered if older. I will have specific needs from a home environment and the ability of the family to continue my rehabilitation. Please research my breed type’s character too.



Hi, my name is Molly and I am 9 years old. I came to Raystede as I was very unhappy living with children. I originally came from the RSPCA and I have had a very troubled background. Raystede did find me a home but I have been returned as they felt that I was very unhappy and not settling in very well. I am looking for a quiet adult only home and I will need lots patience and understanding to help me settle due to my past. I can overgroom when I am stressed so I need lots of love and TLC to help me settle in my new home. I do need to be the only pet please. I have always been an indoor cat but ideally it would be nice if I could have access to a small garden if possible. When I am feeling happier and settled, I do like to sit on your lap for a fuss. Can you offer me a loving, forever home please? Love Molly x



I’m Milton, a bouncy 18 months old male Labrador X (big). I’ve got boundless energy but am really clever and love to learn too. I need an active home, lots of running and play please! I’m very friendly but boisterous and need guidance to learn to behave sometimes! I’m looking for an adult only, experienced home where I will be the only pet.



We are urgently seeking new homes for several different breeds of cockerels.We have Polish,Fizzle,Bantams and larger boys all waiting for the right homes.Please check with your neighbours and local council before re homing as they can be early morning crowers. Please contact Wendy Holford on 07985 998278 or customer services for more information.



From time to time we have geese looking for pet homes. Wendy, head of sanctuary would like to hear from you if you are able to offer a home. If nothing is available at the time, she will keep your name on file.



From time to time we have ducks looking for pet homes. Wendy, head of sanctuary would like to hear from you if you are able to offer a home. If nothing is available at the time, she will keep your name on file.



We now have lots of rescued ex commercial hens for re homing. All of which have been saved from going to slaughter they are only between 72-78 wks of age.Please contact us if you can offer any of these girls a free range home. We also have chicken houses for sale with a free small run these are £149 with three hens included.These hens need free range loving homes away from any predators and in return they will reward you with lovely fresh eggs every day. Wendy, head of Wildlife and fowl would like to hear from you if you are able to offer any of the girls a home. If nothing is available at the time, we will keep your name on file for any other hens that need our help.

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