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Reserved Barney & Minnow

Barney & Minnow

Hi, my name is Barney and I am male aged 5 years and Minnow is female also aged 5. We came to Raystede due to a relationship split and we are looking for a home together. I am more confident than Minnow but we are both affectionate once we know you. We are not coping that well since arriving and are both feeling quite grumpy but we are getting better as the days go on. We did live with children previously but older may be best due to Minnow being more nervous. Perhaps an adult only home would suit us best. We have not met dogs and may not cope with one. We are very close so we must stay together. We would love a garden please as we do enjoy going outside. Hopefully, we will settle here but would like to find a home very soon. Love Barney & Minnow x



Hi, my name is Rosie and I am 11 years old. I am at Raystede as sadly my owner passed away and I was not keen on the other owner. I can be timid sometimes and my ideal home would be with a single lady as I am not keen on men. Once I know you and feel confident, I can be affectionate and I have a very gentle nature. I would need to be the only pet and no children please. I like staying indoors more but access to a small garden would be nice for those warm summer days. I would be a lovely companion for a single lady, could I be the cat for you? Love Rosie x

Reserved Alfie


My name is Alfie and I am a 5 year old Cavalier King Charles. I am a loving boy but although I look cute I have severe possession issues, so potential new owners would definitely need to have experience of dealing correctly with this. If handled properly and positively I will be a good and loyal boy. I have lived with cats, and can be nervous of larger dogs. I need to live in an adult only home as you can see I have issues, but I am waiting for a knowledgeable home that will help me overcome these.

Fatboy & Slim

Fatboy & Slim

Hi, I am Fatboy, male and my sister is Slim and we are 8 years old. We came to Raystede as we were getting bullied by other cats in the area and we became too scared to use our own garden. We are looking for a home together. We are very affectionate with adults but we are scared of young children so we do need an adult only home please or perhaps with teenagers. A quiet home would suit us best though. We are a bit nervous until we get to know you but once we are settled we are both very loving. We did like using the garden for mainly sunbathing and did not venture very far so we would love a garden again please hopefully not dominated by too many other cats. We would not cope with a dog. We are both very nice cats hoping to find a loving, forever home. Could we be the cats for you? Love Fatboy & Slim x

Reserved Pearl


My name is Pearl and I am a shy 3 year old female medium sized Lurcher. I am really sensitive and take awhile to trust people, once I do I love cuddles and going out walking in quite areas. I like other dogs but not cats and children would need to be very calm, respectful please.



I’m Winnie, a pretty 18 months old female German Shepherd cross. I love to run and play and am looking for an active home to join please! I like other dogs but not cats and children in the home need to be older. I need full training but am very bright and eager to learn so will really enjoy the mental stimulation.

Reserved Pepsi


Hi, my name is Pepsi and I am male aged just over 2 years old. I was rehomed some months ago by Raystede but sadly returned as I developed a bladder problem and my owner did not feel they could afford the urinary diet that I need to be on for life. I am a very friendly boy and I like to have a fuss. I am a playful boy and like chasing balls. I also love to snuggle under the duvet. I like human company and I am quite a 'chatty' boy. To avoid any future problems with my bladder, I must only be fed urinary food which can be obtained very easily and overall should not cost any more than regular cat food. I do enjoy going outside so I would love a garden please. I am a handsome chap, could I be the cat for you? Love Pepsi x



I’m Sky, a 2 year old female medium sized mongrel. I’m really energetic and love to play fetch and race around with my doggie friends! I need an active, fun loving family to join that is able to commit to my on-going training as I can be quite a handful! I’m not keen on cats and children in the home need to be older and very confident. (21 inches to shoulder)



I’m Zena, a nervous 5 year old female Husky. I’m looking for a gentle, patient home that will be able to provide me with a secure environment. Potential owners should research my breed type, I’ll need an active home and like to be involved and kept busy! I need some training around other dogs and could live with calm older children but no cats please!!



My name is Red and I am an active, attentive and inquisitive 2 year old male Husky. I was rescued from appalling conditions at a puppy farm, confined and unused to human contact. I have been undergoing extensive rehabilitation and though still nervous I am ready to start the process of finding a family to call my own. I will need experienced, patient and very committed people to continue to show me the kindness I need and support my development. I would benefit from living with other dogs but not cats and children would be considered if older. I will have specific needs from a home environment and the ability of the family to continue my rehabilitation. Please research my breed type’s character too.



We are urgently seeking new homes for several different breeds of cockerels.We have Polish,Fizzle,Bantams and larger boys all waiting for the right homes.Please check with your neighbours and local council before re homing as they can be early morning crowers. Please contact Wendy Holford on 07985 998278 or customer services for more information.



From time to time we have geese looking for pet homes. Wendy, head of sanctuary would like to hear from you if you are able to offer a home. If nothing is available at the time, she will keep your name on file.



From time to time we have ducks looking for pet homes. Wendy, head of sanctuary would like to hear from you if you are able to offer a home. If nothing is available at the time, she will keep your name on file.



We now have lots of rescued ex commercial hens for re homing. All of which have been saved from going to slaughter they are only between 72-78 wks of age.Please contact us if you can offer any of these girls a free range home. We will also be taking in another 250-300 free range hens on 12th December.All of which will be looking new free range loving homes away from any predators and in return they will reward you with lovely fresh eggs every day. Wendy, head of Wildlife and fowl would like to hear from you if you are able to offer any of the girls a home. If nothing is available at the time, we will keep your name on file for any other hens that need our help.

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