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Humphrey         Humphrey 2 March 2014
Home from Home 
A scheme to provide a holiday from sanctuary life here at Raystede into a home environment. We need your help, care and experience of looking after animals to give these deserving cats and dogs a boost. For a number of different reasons we occasionally look for temporary foster homes for animals that have been placed into our care. For approximately 2-3 months (though this can vary depending on the individual animals needs) we ask that you commit to caring for them in your own home, giving them all that an owner would but without the long term, lifetime commitment. In return we will provide all food and equipment, cover all veterinary costs and be there with help and support. During the foster period we will continue to actively search for the perfect forever home for your foster pet. We are currently urgently seeking foster homes who are experienced dog owners and who do not have any animals or children at home.
Raystedes scheme to help the pets of families who are fleeing domestic abuse.Wherever possible we arrange temporary foster care for these much loved family pets, who have sometimes been abused themselves, allowing the owner to go into safe housing or refuge knowing that their pet is being cared for and is safe. Raystede places dogs, cats and small animals into home checked foster homes for up to nine months, providing the foster home with all food, eqiupment, sundries and covering veterinary care too. We are looking for foster homes who can offer up to nine months care to these animals and provide them with a safe, caring, patient environment until they can be reunited with their owner and families. The option to place a beloved pet into temporary, safe and confidential foster care can help with a families ability to flee an abusive home, your help with their pet can change lives. We are currently urgently seeking foster homes who are experienced dog owners and who do not have any animals or children at home
Fostering Pregnant queens and kittens 
Occasionally we need responsible, caring people to foster cats and their kittens for approximately 5 to 9 weeks. We ask that you dedicate a room indoors solely to the mum and kittens and that you are at home for a large part of the day. If you feel you can offer these little bundles of fun a happy, sociable, confident start to life please get in touch for more information. 
If you would like further information on any scheme please call our Project and Re-homing Manager, Adel Burnett on 01825 880478, email petfostering@raystede.org or simply download the foster carer application form, complete and return.

Foster Carers


Find out how you apply to become a Foster Carer.



Find out how to access the PetLink service and get all the answers to your questions and concerns.

  • Clients Leaflet

    Information on accessing PetLink for individuals and families fleeing domestic abuse (Leaflet).

  • Foster Carer Application Form 2015

    Start the process of becoming a registered foster carer with Raystede.

  • Foster Carers Leaflet

    Find out more about how to become registered as a foster carer for Raystede (Leaflet).


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