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Adopt a Rescue Hen

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Adopt a Rescue Hen

At Raystede we have hens, cockerels and ducks available for adoption.

During the Spring and Summer we take in large numbers of ex commercial hybrid hens (these birds would have been known as ex battery hens in the past). Battery systems are no longer legal in the UK so now they come to us from a range of farming set ups including caged, barn/aviary systems and organic/free range. Free range and organic hens have the most space and access to the outside.

We also often have a variety of pure breeds available that individuals have surrendered to us as they can no longer accommodate or care for them. We take these in year round.

Most of the ex commercial birds are about 18 months of age so will still be laying regularly. We cannot guarantee the same with the pure breeds that come to us as they are often a range of ages.

Poultry should always be kept in pairs or groups as they take comfort from being together.

If you are interested in adopting poultry from Raystede you will need a secure, fox-proof coop with access to an outdoor enclosure. Or, if you are planning on keeping them free range in your garden they must be supervised at all times.

To keep the hens physically and mentally healthy it’s necessary (and great fun) to provide plenty of enrichment. They should have places to perch, such as branches and logs (rotten logs are also full of invertebrates which the chickens will love rooting out).

Hanging up vegetables such as corn on the cob or broccoli with some string is a great way to feed them and keep them occupied.

We often have lots of cockerels at Raystede looking for new homes - They make a great addition to a group of hens. To avoid having baby chicks simply remove the eggs as you normally would; without incubation they won’t develop.

Cockerels are noisier than hens so make sure your neighbours don’t mind before bringing them home.

To apply to adopt chickens, ducks or geese from Raystede:

  1. See our Chicken And Wildfowl Care Guide. Please ensure you can meet our rehoming requirements before applying.
  2. If you have not visited us yet to register, please visit the centre between 10am and 4pm to discuss your adoption and complete an Application To Adopt Chicken Wildfowl.
  3. Submit photos and measurements of your animal’s accommodation.

A member of the team will then be in touch to discuss your application.

If you would like to speak to someone in person about adopting a poultry bird please visit the centre between 10am and 4pm. We are always happy to give advice.

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