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October is Cat month at Raystede!

All our cats are seeking new homes for various reasons and our aim during their stay with us is to restore them to full health and confidence.

Our cattery at Raystede contains state of the art accommodation so that they are as comfortable as possible during their stay with us, however nothing beats a real home!

At any one time we may have up to 35 cats awaiting adoption. Our cats get very expectant when people visit so we have to restrict visitors to the cattery to those who are considering adopting.

Our rehoming team are available seven days a week to discuss possible options.

If you want to know more about adopting a cat, please click HERE.

You can teach an old cat new tricks...

Of course, it is often the kittens and younger cats which attract the most attention, however at Raystede we encourage people not to overlook the older cats.

They have special qualities of their own. Older cats can make excellent companions, are very affectionate and tend to be more settled and live life at a slower pace so they are better for older people and homes that need a calmer cat.

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